Lighting The Way

What’s red, cumbersome, lights up and sticks out like a sore thumb on the seatpost of your ride? That’s right, it is your rear light. They come in various shapes, sizes, materials, so on and so forth. Still, one thing remains the same; every now and then, they’ll mess with your ride. Clamps getting loose, position moving around, water getting in and even losing your life-saver to the horrible humps and bumps on the road or thieving hands. Some of you foldie riders out there might know all too well, especially when it comes to lights getting in the way while folding. How, you might ask, can all this be remedied?

Korean company LightSKIN has apparently found the answer. The concept is simple, perhaps too simple. Instead of working around the annoying lights themselves, they’ve reinvented the concept and incorporated the lights into the seatpost. That’s right; they’ve taken the humble seatpost and added LED diodes in it, resulting in a clean, practical and elegantly genius solution to the problems faced by the traditional ‘external’ light. No shifting in positions, no clamp problems, no falling off and it is going to be pretty hard for itchy fingers to fit a seatpost in a pocket.

Awesome Innovation

Don’t assume that the guys at LightSKIN simply drilled holes in seatposts and stuck LEDs in them. The neat design has been well thought out, down to the spacing between and even the angle of the diodes. The internal silicon structure also keeps water firmly away so you can worry about other things that need worrying should it decide to rain halfway through your ride.

Illuminessence comes on the form of five LED bulbs arranged vertically in a row, one of which doubles up as a button to activate the system. Simply push the top button to commence an array of five different modes. You also have the option to use three instead of the five bulbs in an effort to preserve battery life. This adds up to a total of ten modes, all powered by two AA sized batteries, which are inserted from the base of the seatpost. Though it is true that replacing batteries would mean having to remove the seatpost from the frame, the efficiency is super with a claimed 400-hour life span (that’s a LOT of riding). The lights are extremely bright, leaving you clearly visible even at a distance of over a hundred metres. LightSKIN is available in various sizes ranging from 25.4mm to 33.9mm for foldies.

Each LightSKIN also includes a D-Skin, which is a thin, flexible and translucent film that makes the light visible from the sides. The seatpost goes through two circular holes, pre-cut to fit respective sizes. D-Skins are also sold separately.

Two thumbs up for LightSKIN’s sleek appearance and a brilliantly innovative design.


LightSKIN is available at Life Cycle.