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The review team was excited when we receive our Reevu helmet for review. We were given the RV-LX1 for the test. All of us have heard a lot about this helmet, and finally it is time to walk the talk.


At first glance, the Reevu looks similar to any other cycling helmet except for the raise top cap section which house the rear prism. Due to this raise section, the helmet looks slightly bulky. At 400 grams it is also a tad heavier than other helmets. Understandable since is has a rear view system installed. The weight is also leaning to the front of the helmet where the mirror is. Cannot really feel it once you have the helmet on.

The Reevu spot 5 interior cushions to ensure that the user’s head fits comfortably. All cushion are removable, inclusive of the rear retention device. This makes cleaning a breeze. The little visor is also another nice feature and is helpful during sunny days.

The helmet spots only nine vents, few, by current industry standards. Not the coolest helmet that we have tried, but reasonable for recreational use. After all, this helmet was not designed for competitive use.

A chinstrap and rear retention device ensures the helmet is snugly secured to our head. The chinstraps are easy to adjust. Took the team less than 5 minutes to get a proper fit. A small locking device on the strap ensures the adjustment does not shift after it has been set. The rear retention device helps to stabilize the helmet making sure the helmet do not shift to-and-fro or sideward during ride.

Does it work

Wearing the Reevu needs no getting used to as it feels just the same as any other helmets available. The rear retention device could be extended to cover a wider portion of the head to provide better stability.

The team is satisfied with the performance of the rear view system. Just as Reevu claims, we do not have to turn our heads to lookout for traffic coming from the rear. However, user does have to wear the helmet lower in the front and shift the head slightly to get the correct angle looking through the system. The rear view is pretty clear, the only complain is the slight distortion at the edge of the mirror.

The rear view device also needs little maintenance. When the mirror gets dirty, just wipe it with a piece of soft cloth. The mirrors are made of Polycarbonate and will not break when drop or hit.

Users who are not use to having visor are also complaining that the visor is blocking their view during off-road conditions where they need to look far ahead. To overcome this, they wear the helmet higher in the front and forgo the rear view function.


Keeping in mind that the RV-LX1 is design for recreational use, we would say that it is well designed to serve its purpose. Those who are not confident of keeping a straight line while turning their head to look behind will find this helmet extremely useful.

Lots of research was done to ensure that the rear view system does not pose any danger to the users in the event of crash. Advance material like Dupont Zytel? ST, with impressive impact resistance, was use in the manufacturing of the raise cap section that houses the rear view system. The mirrors are also made of Polycarbonate instead of glass to prevent them from shattering upon impact.

Overall, the team feels that Reevu has design a good product that serves dual purpose: To prevent and to protect.