BuzzRack Pilot S


Living in a tiny and urban island city like Singapore, we do not have the luxury of having parks or country sides with sprawling greens and hectares of different types of plants, and in any case, those that can be found in Singapore are usually quite a distance away from our homes and offices as these parks are usually only found fringing the coastal areas of Singapore like Sembawang, Changi and our most famous coastline, East Coast Park. Therefore, the easiest and safest method of transporting our bicycles to and from these parks would be to transport them directly to the parks by using our vehicles, as cycling on our local roads can sometimes be a hair raising and traumatic experience, something that is also definitely not recommended for the entire family to try out, especially if you also have small kids who are joining those rides as well. Finding a bike rack for the car is easy, it’s finding one that suits your requirements and expectations that is difficult, the cheaper ones are usually pretty basic, made up of bent steel, heavy and do not support the bike or bikes very well. Being made from much heavier steel pipes, these budget bike racks are available from almost any local bicycle shop.

The Pilot S bike rack is only one of BuzzRack’s numerous models of bicycle racks for vehicles which are all made entirely in Taiwan, their factory houses all sorts of machines which cuts, bends and shapes all types and sizes of steel tubes and sheets, there are also a few robots dedicated to welding of these tubes and sheets to ensure that each weld is perfect without sacrificing quality. The final stage of production involves these metal parts being powder coated which gives the metal parts a very tough and resistant coating that will eventually last for many years, even if left outdoors.

Designed specifically for vehicles with trunks (or boots), the Pilot S is able to safely carry two bikes, and for those people who are extremely cautious about their thousands of dollars bikes and frames, the rack holds each bike securely by its own without both bikes being able to move of touch each other at all, thereby preventing them from getting any scratches, if mounted properly of course. The low profile frame allows for very quick and easy installation to the trunk of the car, and when mounted properly, it still allows for the trunk to be opened along with the rack, though it might be slightly heavier to open the trunk with the added 9kg weight of the rack. Cheaper bike racks usually come with unprotected hooks that are just plainly made out of steel, but this BuzzRack’s mounting hooks have been coated with a soft rubber like material to protect your car’s paintwork when strapping the rack onto your trunk.

Once mounted to your trunk, the bikes can be quickly and easily lifted and placed onto the rack on top of each wheel support and then strapping the wheel securely with the quick release straps, the wheel holders are also able to accommodate almost any size of bicycle with any sized wheelbase, including small kids bikes, and the wheel straps are also sufficiently long enough to hold bigger wheels and rims. The entire platform base which the two bikes sit on can be folded up and locked away when the rack is not being used, therefore reducing the depth of the rack considerably, making reverse parking of the car much more convenient and safer too. When folded, the wheel supports tend to be slightly higher than the car’s tail lamps, thus they do not block the car’s rear lights, even the licence plate can still be clearly seen as nothing is blocking it.

The two locking clamps that holds both bikes upright is able to clamp either the bikes’ top or seat tubes, which is safer or easier, and the clamps itself have internal locks, giving you extra assurance that they won’t be stolen if the bikes need to be left on the rack for a short period while you are away from your car. As an added safety measure, an extra safety strap is supplied to tie both bikes to the rack, just in case if any locking clamp gives way while you are driving. The BuzzRack Pilot S is able to carry two 15kg bikes safely, so even transporting two full sized adult mountain bikes will not pose a problem.

During the short period that I had this rack for testing, it was so much more convenient to mount and dismount my bikes as compared to my roof rack, especially when I was transporting my mountain bike, because it’s seriously no joke to try to carefully lift a 13kg weight onto the roof of a car while making sure that you don’t knock or scratch your car in the process. With the use of the Pilot S, this process was completed within seconds, and with much less back and should pain too! The very attractive price for the Pilot S is also a major selling point for the bike rack, for its secureness, stability and ease of use, even ladies should have no problems using this rack.

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