City Bikes are gaining prominence in recent years, thanks to the rapid development of infrastructure that is squarely aimed to introduce cycling into the travelling equation for the modern commuter.

City Bikes are gaining prominence in recent years, thanks to the rapid development of infrastructure that is squarely aimed to introduce cycling into the travelling equation for the modern commuter.

City Bikes are gaining prominence in recent years, thanks to the rapid development of infrastructure that is squarely aimed to introduce cycling into the travelling equation for the modern commuter. But this is not the only reason as to why City Bikes are so well-received. Specially built to fit into the way we live, work and play, City Bikes themselves are a great bunch of purposeful fun on two-wheels that have somehow assimilated into the grander scheme of our lives. Today, almost every established bike manufacturer holds no fewer than 40 different models under their respective City Bike line-up.

Thriving on the success of the 2016 Crossway series, Merida, which is perhaps the biggest contender in the City Bike segment, continues to push the capabilities of these work-and-play steeds with the introduction of the 2017 product line-up.

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The 2017 Crossway Series

The Crossway models from the 2017 series are constructed with an unanimous agenda: Offering themselves as smart workhorses that are not only fun to ride on, but are also built with impeccable quality and features that add meaning and richness to our two-wheeled lives.


Crossway 20-MD

The Crossway 20-MD is truly built for the rider who wants a simple, fuss-free bicycle that can satisfy his or her commuting needs, and at the same time, still looks awesome while doing it.

Albeit not considered light at 15 kilograms, the 20-MD is able to win the hearts of commuting riders with components that are durable and resilient for their prices. The 20-MD is perhaps one of the few City Bikes to be fitted with a suspension seat-post. Thanks to the Shimano Acera rear derailleur and the Shimano TY8s front derailleur, negotiating the alleys and pathways of the metropolis on the 24-speed city bike is as breezy as a walk in the park. The Cross 700c 40mm road tyres are designed to absorb burly hits from going over road kerbs. The suspension seat-post, with a travel of 27.2mm, provided added smoothness to the ride.

The Promax MTD Mechanical disc brake group-set fitted on the 20-MD (the MD actually stands for “Mechanical Disc”) offers considerably strong stopping power, despite its genre as a cable-actuated system. The wave-patterned 160mm front and rear rotor discs are designed to disseminate heat evenly, ensuring maximum braking efficiency at all times.

Retailing at $582, the 20-MD comes in eight different sizes and is available in dark blue and white.


Crossway 20-MD Lady

20-MD Lady is the feminine version of the 20-MD. General bike set-up and the choice of components between the 20-MD and the 20-MD Lady are identical. The only difference is that the 20-MD Lady is designed with a sloping top-tube so that female riders, who may be wearing skirts to work, can get off the bike more easily, and with elegance too.

The 20-MD Lady, which weighs the same as the gentleman’s version, comes in five sizes. It retails at $582 and is available in two different colour livery – dark blue and white.


Crossway 40-D

The 40-D is a more premium version of the 20-D. Whilst its overall riding experience can be described to be as fun as the 20-D, many aspects of the bike are more refined.

The Shimano Altus group-set, which comprises the front and rear derailleurs and the Altus RapidFire shifters, sets the standards higher with increased shifting precision. Executing quick acceleration to navigate the puzzle of traffic junctions is undoubtedly smoother. With 27 different gearing configurations to select from, the 40-D’s nimbleness is evident from its ability in overcoming pedestrian slopes, sharp-angled walkways and footpaths with varying degrees of steepness in true MERIDA style.

Another premium component incorporated into the 40-D is the Tektro TA hydraulic brake-set. As with any other hydraulic-based systems, the Tektro TA provides modulated braking in all conditions, which is a must-have feature to brave the unpredictable weather in everyday commuting.

The 40-D retails at $672 and comes in black/red and blue/black.

Crossway 40-D Lady

The 40-D Lady, which is specially designed for female riders and characterised by the downward-sloping top-tube, is a unique class of two-wheelers on the feminine side. That said, the 40-D Lady is neither a softee nor a pushover. Fitted with parts that are found on the masculine version, the 40-D Lady offers the same level of  prowess as the 40-D to whizz around the city scene with ease.


Crossway 100 (and Crossway 100 Lady)

The 100 blurs the line between an entry-level rig and an enthusiast’s bike. At 14 kilograms, it is also the one that can magically amplify the thrill of cycling in an urban setting.

The centrepiece of the 100 is probably the SR NEX HLO 63mm and the Suspension One D 27.2 seat-post. With a front and rear travel of 63mm and 27.2mm respectively, the 100 is one plushy City Bike to ride on. Whilst the 100 is not built to replicate a full-suspension rig, the bump-soaking components are well-equipped to handle the rattlings from the cityscape.

The Shimano Alivio rear derailleur is no pro-class gear-changer. But, it has managed to establish itself as a worthy component that requires very little attention from the mechanic. The 100’s Shimano M315 non-grouped hydraulic disc brake system uses a self-maintenance feature, known as the one-way bleeding technology, to enforce braking efficiency by preventing air bubbles from forming in the system. In so many ways, the 100 is about more riding time and lesser workshop indulgence.

When not used for commuting, the 100, which is designed with mudguard mountings, can be easily transformed into a weekend trail bike. For those who are planning a cycling expedition up north for the next long weekend, the 100’s double-butted frame comes with rack mountings to facilitate the installation of supplies racks.

The 100 (or the 100 Lady) retails with all of its goodness for $792. It comes in a single black/blue livery.

Crossway 300

The 300 takes urban riding to a whole new level by transforming City Bikes to a pedigree that possesses the DNA of a road racer and a mountain bike.

Using aerospace-inspired Racelite 61 aluminium alloy for the construction of its frame, the 300, which tipped the scales at a mere 13 kilograms, is extremely light for an urban navigator.  This makes it a viable choice for those who prefer portability. The 300 is also a consistent performer. Drawing on components like the Shimano Deore 30-speed group-set, it often throw surprises with its extraordinary pedal power, be it on- or off-road. The 300 uses the same model of Shimano brake-set – the M315 – as the Crossway 100.

Those who have taken the 300 through a couple of miles would agree that comfort is the focal point of the bike. This would not be possible if not for the SR NEX HLO 63mm fork and the Suspension One D 27.2 seat-post.

At $932, the 300 is available in matt grey and matt black.


Crossway 600

The 600 is not just built for the rigours of daily commuting. It is a purposeful bike for city dwellers who find joy from taking part in competitive riding and long-distance expeditions. This is the reason why the rear derailleur of the 600 is geared with race-class Shimano XT and nothing else.  Accompanied by Shimano Deore components to keep shifting consistent and tight, the 300 can turn into a mean racing steed if it wants to.

Built around the Racelite 61 aluminium alloy frame, and complemented with the ultra-smooth Maxxis Overdrive II 40mm road slicks and the Comfort Alloy Triple flat pedals, the 600 is one zippy bike to ride.

The 600 weighs only 12.62 kilograms and retails at $1,162.

Crossway XT-Edition

As the name suggests, the XT-Edition is spec’ced with, well, all things XT. And it is quite clear that the XT-Edition is destined to do more than mere colmmuting.

Even though its chassis centred on an upright comfort-centric design, its components – the Shimano XT derailleurs, shifters and the Shimano Deore M446 hydraulic brake calipers – are strong tell-tale signs that the XT-Edition is a contender when it comes to who is faster.

Apart from the group-set, practically every component that made up the XT-Edition is of world-class standard. The SR NCX E-RL air 63 fork is one example. The Shimano  Deore M446 brake calipers are another. Even the stock handle-bar, stem and seat-post from MERIDA are of a higher grade.  At 12.19 kilograms, the XT-Edition is like an agile squirrel with two wheels.

Retailing at $1,532, the XT-Edition is available in either matt black or matt anthracite.


Crossway 900

At a mere 12.23 kilograms, the 900 represents itself as the monarch of the Crossway line-up. Decked with components that are synonymous with the forefront of biking technology, the 900 can be described as the ultimate City Bike that one can dream of.

Just like the XT-Edition, the 900 uses the Shimano XT group-set. The difference is that the 900 is fitted with the Shimano XT-i electronic shifters, a state-of-the-art feature that will delight tech-savvy riders and those who adore the use of remote-controlled devices.

Another big shift from the rest of the higher-end Crossway models is the pairing of the Rockshox Paragon SA 65 onelock fork to the 900. Not only is the Paragon ultra-light and highly tunable, it is one of the premium forks that is designed to be sensitive to even small bumps.

Standing on the Mavic XM119D all-conditions rims, the 900 is a high-performance bike. With the Shimano Deore T615 brake-set, stopping power is immensely consistent, refined and modulated, even in wet conditions. If you are not fearful of riding in the rain, the 900 can easily be your most trusted means of commuting.

The 900 can be yours at $1,842.


The Crossway bikes are designed to be the best platform to experience the city vibe on two wheels. Despite their simplistic outlook, each Crossway has the ability to amplify the quality of every ride by using superior components that Merida offers. Even when the Crossway is not used for work-home commuting, its set-up and overall versatility allows it to be an exercising machine, or simply, a weekend leisure rig at your local trails. To put it simply, every Crossway is an all-rounder.

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