Product Courtesy of Bike & Hike MSRP: SDG45 Availability: Now

The M2 Racer Power Module (PM) is a lightweight (125grams), affordable saddle shifter created for performance and a seat-post adaptor that allows the user to shift the saddle forward or backward with a simple quick release mechanism. The lower, immobile section is attached the same way as how one would fit the saddle to the seat post with the rails and clamps. Basically, this product clamps onto virtually any standard seat post and saddle.

The height of the PM is approximately 6.5cm, therefore bringing a significant lowering the seat post. That may not be a big deal unless you are one that must cycle with a saddle bag attached to the seat post. The length of how much the saddle can slide along the rails depends on the specifications of different saddles. Nonetheless, for my saddle, the length of adjustability is about 4cm along the rails. Experienced riders should be able to find their optimal comfort through adjustments of the saddle during their ride.

On Adjustments and Clamping

Since it makes use of a quick release mechanism, adjusting the saddle on the go is supposed to be fairly easy. However, during my long rides, I did find some difficulties in adjusting the saddle front or back to accommodate climbs and flats. I tried applying bits of grease along the rails, but dirt accumulates when I go for long rides. Do note that the bolts and lever must be very firmly tightened – mine came loose on the saddle after a few bumps. Inevitably, it creates very bad clamps marks on the PM. The paint job started to peel after my 3rd ride.


Not much maintenance is needed for the PM. Perhaps cleaning kicked up dirt and adding a tiny bit of grease to ensure that the lever comes loose at your convenience.


On the whole, the PM is lightweight, simple to use and allows the rider to find the optimal position of the saddle for comfort and maximum output from the muscles.

Tri-athletes might want to give it a try since terrain may change now and then during a race or in training. The cyclo-computer shows improved acceleration, from a standstill start at the traffic light, when the PM is adjusted to the front.