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LAS, was founded in Pedrengo in the Northern Italian province of Bergamo in 1974. For more than 30 years, the company has been making protective sports helmets of a very high quality in terms of safety, comfort, design, and innovation.

Today, as a market leader in protective sports helmets, LAS has its focus in both biking and horse riding and continue to manufacture and distribute top quality protective sports helmets throughout the world. Thru contacts with US Safety Equipment Institute, UK’s BSI, and several safety certification laboratories in Italy, LAS is able to offer a vast range of homologated items.

What’s in the box

The Bionix is a road helmet, and comes packed in a black cardboard box and is further protected from scratches by shipping inside a cloth helmet bag. Helmet strap comes attached with a user’s manual, a limited international warranty card, and various brochures of technology and materials used in the helmet.

First Impression

This helmet spots a rather contemporary design and looks pretty aerodynamic, futuristic and aggressive too. However, when you consider that this helmet has been wind-tunnel tested, it is not surprising at all that it looks the way it does.

The Bionix helmet is available in blue, silver, red, and red-white.

One immediately notices the blue plastic visor like wing which covers a good two thirds of the helmet. The rest of the helmet exterior is made of a hard plastic external casing which is silver in colour. This plastic casing forms the skeletal frame for the softer styrofoam interior, which is designed to absorb shocks and break on impact. The interior of the helmet has 5 pieces of soft sponge padding for added comfort.

Field Testing

The Bionix helmet comes in only one size. However because of the Cat Eyes adjustment system used in the rear strap, it allows for up to a 5cm range of adjustment, 54cm – 59cm. Turning the dial clockwise tightens the strap, and counterclockwise loosens the rear strap. The rear strap can further be adjusted up and down to provide for a snug fit. The chin strap comfortable snaps into place and is adjustable to provide a tight fit.

The sponge pads and netting further make the fit really comfortable. When compared against other helmets, LAS easily makes one of the most comfortable helmets around. My first helmet which was a LAS Kripton was nearly just as comfortable as this one. These sponge pads however are made of Outlast, a washable and innovative fabric which is used by NASA, and keeps temperatures constant and the wearer feeling cool and refreshed.

Tested in the wind tunnel with excellent results, the triple wing amplifies the cooling effects of the 15 small air vents and increases the cooling ability of the Bionix.

However, the airflow through the helmet is somewhat lessened compared to many other road helmets on the market, hence it does not feel as cool or well ventilated. This is most definitely caused by the sponge padding in the helmet which also happens to make it such a comfortable helmet to wear. Also, unlike most other helmets, the Bionix does not have grooves within the internal of the helmet to help direct and improve airflow through the helmet. It does however use the triple wing to two effects; to direct external air to quickly remove hot air rising from the helmet vents, and also to direct the flow of external air so that there is lesser air turbulence and therefore more aerodynamic.

However, when wearing the helmet, I did not feel hot strangely enough. I can only conclude that the Outlast fabric and the triple wing used do work to keep the rider feeling cool in the head.

At 280gms, the Bionix is not the lightest road helmet around, but neither is it the heaviest. However, when considering the aero advantage, weight is not so critical.

At the time of testing, I did not have the misfortune of crash testing this helmet, so I cannot to any degree tell how good a crash helmet this would make.



At S$ for the top end road helmet offering from LAS, the Bionix helmet can be said to be somewhat expensive, though not overly so. However, there are some pros and cons. The pros are the new technologies and materials used in this helmet which partially justify the cost, the comfortable fit, plus the aerodynamic advantage of the helmet. The cons are the higher cost, and the somewhat poorer ventilation. On the overall a relatively good helmet.