Lankeleisi S520 20″ Folding Bike Review


There is a flood of folding bikes in Singapore right now, with numerous shops selling even more brands and models that one can keep track of, and they range from the very budgetly priced, to the expensive imported and high speced models, you might even be able to see them for sale in some bigger supermarkets. I have seen some folding bikes sell for under fifty dollars, and all the way up to some models with price tags costing more than a full carbon road bike, these very high speced foldies are sometimes fitted with parts and components that will make any mid-priced road racing machine look outdated and old.

The Lankeleisi S520 is not a foldie that will be labeled as cheap, and when it’s priced locally at about four hundred bucks, it’d better have some excellent qualities and specs that would justify the pricing. The first thing that you will notice about this bike is that the wheel contain brake dics rotors, a rare find let alone for road bikes, but is now standard for this model of folding bikes, both the front and rear are disc brakes, and the first important difference is when riding in the wet, where disc brakes offer cyclists much more assured and stronger braking abilities as compared to rim brakes, and even though this bike is only using a 20 inch wheels, the braking is also affected when the rims are wet, disc brakes therefore provide better braking strength as well as better modulation for better control.

The drivetrain is a mixture of Shimano and micro shift parts, with only the rear derailleur and cassette sporting the Shimano logo while many of the remaining items do have even have brand labels on them. Having only 8 speeds via a 1x8 setup with a MicroShift thumb shifter and matched with a Shimano rear derailleur and also an 8 speed cassette, the gear ratios are plenty sufficient for the casual rider who might intend to use this bike for commuting between his or her home and public transport, because this bike is using only 20″ wheels, no other gear ratios are required to drive the smaller circumference wheels.

This bike also weighs in at a reasonable weight of about 10.5 kilos, light enough to be folded and carried around, such as when getting onto or off the train or bus, the folding mechanisms located on the all aluminum frame and handlebar enable this bike to be very quickly folded into less than half it’s size very quickly, the wheels also come with quick release skewers if ever the need arises to have the wheels removed, probably something that won’t be required often as having the ability to fold the bike in half already saves up plenty of space, because when folded, it’s small enough to even fit into a small car’s boot.

The test bike that I had was very comfortable to ride, and riding it uphill also didn’t pose much problems as the low gear ratios were plenty enough to spin up steep slopes, albeit at a slower speed than compared to road and mountain bikes which have substantially bigger wheels. The red and black colour scheme was also an interesting colour scheme when most budget folding bikes usually have pretty boring colour schemes, this S520 bike also come in white frame colour, along with eye catching blue coloured rims. Overall, a very good packaged bike with an equally great ride for just a few hundred dollars, now that’s truly money that’s well spent.


Lankeleisi is exclusively distributed by:

Greg’s Wheelers

63 Tampines Ave 1
08-05, The Tropica Condominium
Singapore 529777
Tel: +6597813823