THE-Industries T3 Helmet

Nick Ee – 8th Apr 2016

It is always a thrill to be able to get some adrenaline pumping in your veins, whether it is due to performing some death defying stunt, or for the majority of us less courageous people, something much more docile but still fairly dangerous, we can’t help ourselves but crave for the need to feel the ‘rush’ and the ‘makes you feel damn good and alive’ feeling that we love so much.  But all these dangerous situations also calls for some kind of protection, for some truly death defying stunts, professional persons might have taken months or even years to plan and prepare for such a stunt, for most others, some pre-planning ahead of time coupled with proper and adequate body protection should see us get safely home at the end of the day in case of any unforseen eventuality that may befall us.  I strongly believe that head protection is the one critical piece of safety wear that one should never do without when doing action sports, because it doesn’t take much force to the head to cause serious damage, and unlike our limbs, our precious cranium holds our brain and along with it all of our body’s controls and functions, so we should be protecting it much more than the rest of our body.

There is probably no better protection when it comes to downhill racing than a full face helmet, and THE Industries new T3 Full Face helmet is not only a great looker on the outside, but it also packs a lot of serious head protection on the inside.  This latest helmet has 17 cooling vents incorporated into it to keep the rider cool even when riding hard, the vents are also covered by a stainless steel mesh to prevent any unwanted objects, or bugs, from getting into the vents and cause further problems to the user, out of the 17 vents, 7 are actually intake vents that have been strategically designed and placed to ensure that the optimal amount of cool air can get into the helmet to cool the rider’s head, and what goes in must also definitely come out, so to handle the exhaust of heated air around the head, there are 10 huge and massive exhaust vents that enable any hot air to easily escape out of the helmet.  The helmet shell is an injected and vented ABS plastic shell which includes a built in and adjustable visor as well, and a stainless stell double D-Ring buckle ensure that the helmet stays securely on all the time, even in an unfortunate crash.  The T3 helmet is CPSC, ASTM 1952 DH, CE EN 1078 and AS/NZS 2063 safety certified, all these safety code standards just simply mean one thing, this is one serious head protection!

The liner and EPS foam backed cheek pads are completely removable and washable, basically no one wants to stick their precious heads into a smelly and dirty helmet right, so this helmet enables you to basically wash your entire helmet after a day of hard riding and sweating, ensuring that you have a fresh and clean helmet everytime you put it on for a ride.  I was privileged to get a chance to test out this new helmet and my first impression was it looked super cool, and regardless of whether you were actually doing some serious and fast downhill riding, just wearing it already makes you look like a dare-devil off roader, and I find the black and white graphics makes it look like a Storm Trooper’s helmet, especially from the front, SUPERCOOL!

This helmet fitted my head snugly, but to be frank, I really dislike wearing any full face helmet because it makes me feel a bit claustrophobic whenever I put one on, but this T3 helmet really surprised me as it seemed to fit me perfectly, and there wasn’t a single part of my head that felt squeezed or had extra pressure, even at the cheeks, I’ve have worn much more expensive motorbike helmets that were vastly more uncomfortable than this T3 helmet.  All the new T3 full face helmets come with a cool looking matt finish and is available  in a variety of colours as well, for sizing, they are available in 10 sizes which includes kids as well as adult sizes, but the best feature is the amazing price for such a serious piece of protection, this T3 helmet comes with such an affordable price that you would be foolish not to get one yourself if you are into any serious high speed offroad cycling.


THE-Industries T3 Helmets are exclusively distributed by NSR Bikes – Bukit Batok and Jalan Malu Malu.
Retailing at $210, get them at the SAFRA Jurong Bike Fair 8-10 April 16 for $100!