Product Courtesy of Moss Equipment
Availibility: Now

With the century’s long design and large 3 liters reservoir, this cycling back packs enough for long rides plus some light backpacking up Bukit Timah hill!

Meant for a bigger purpose, this pack is designed to carry tons of gears and what have you. Century comes with many compartments to organize your goodies. The main compartment has a drawstring opening and a side zipper to for quick access. On the other side of the pack, there is compartment lined with a velvet-like material to protect delicate items such as sunglasses. The top flap is perfect for small items such as keys, mosquito repellant or even snacks. An integrated toolbox compartment is conveniently placed at the rear end of the bag. Above it is an adjustable mesh bag that allows you to secure irregular shaped items. I’d placed my raingear and cap there so that when it starts to rain, I don’t need to dig deep into my pack to grab my jacket. The century’s long design would probably block out access to your jersey’s back pockets but fret not; the adjustable waist strap comes with a mesh and zipper pocket on each side as compensation.

Thoughtfully designed, you no longer need to worry about leaking reservoir (if it does leak anyway!) damaging your gear. This is because accessing the reservoir is done through the trap door and this is a separate compartment from the main body. Refer to the Tracker Review on hydrapak’s patented reservoir. Just like most Hydrapak models, the Century allows four different types of tube routing, over the shoulder or under the arm on both sides. This is especially useful when the Century is completely decked out with items on bungee cords, the tube can be routed clear of those things whichever way. The Quickdraw? Velcro Hose Fastener also deserves special mention making the tube much easier to put in place. Excellent points for design here.

The EasyFlo? Bite Valve as noted previously was difficult to unlock (without dislodging the valve entirely from the tube). The guys at Moss Equipment brought up the fact that the lock capability is a new feature only introduced this year, and can be employed only when required. Water will not flow/leak even when the valve is in it’s “unlock” position. You will only need to bite on it to drink with relative ease. This proves to be true in subsequent tests.

Impressive and thoughtfully constructed, the Century is focused to give you maximum pleasure in cycling whilst taking care of all your backpacking needs. Century scores in comfort too. All of its supporting straps are padded lightly and wide so as to spread the weight of the pack to a larger surface area. In addition, Hydrapak’s specially molded EVA back provides support, comfort and ventilation. These riser pads helps in better air circulation and minimizes contact. But don’t expect the same cooling effect of Deuter’s quintessential ‘Air Comfort’ design. On the hindsight, if you are off for an epic back packing trip, the long profile of century allows it to be stuffed more easily to bigger back packs as compared to the arc shaped bags.

Fluid Capacity 100 fl. oz.
Pack Capacity 600 cu. in.
Empty Pack Weight 730g
Category Backcountry