Introduced in Singapore by Moss Equipment, Hydrapa’s hydration bags have been a serious contender to the well-established Camelbak™ and probably might best them in the near future. The Hydrapaks™ are now known for their quality and innovative features like the EasyFlo™ Bite Valve, EasyClean™ Reservoir, Trap Door™, Quickdraw™ Hose Fastener, and the Big Bore Hose (refer to the Tracker review). The race-ready Air Scoop Team, continues to exhibit their commitment in delivering high-quality products.

The Air Scoop Team replaces the Air Scoop as the premium performance hydration pack targeted at racers. The reservoir capacity has been upped to accommodate a 2L bag. This is especially useful for racers in tropical countries, like us, where the high temperatures accelerate perspiration. The printed cover also provides more cargo space when used. Beside these features, there are other subtle differences between the Air Scoop and Team version.

The first and most obvious difference between both packs is the printed cover that comes with the Team version. Never has a hydration pack looked so good! The stock Lycra cover comes in either black with red-bordered white flames or blue with white-bordered silver flame. Hydrapak™ offers custom printing of their Lycra covers. To our knowledge, the covers are printed in the city of Berkeley, California where Hydrapak™ HQ sits. This ensures that every piece of printed Lycra cover passes their strict QC checks. The dye-sublimated printing, which is similar to those used on jerseys, is indeed of a high quality and I doubt it will peel off anytime soon. However, a minimum order of 12 pieces is required for custom prints. Fear not, the prints are relatively cheap at $20 a piece. For more details on custom prints, contact Moss Equipment

New 2004 features

If there was one thing Hydrapak™ could improve upon is the carrying strap. And they did! Their 2004 range now comes with larger carrying straps. No more shriveled fingers! Though, whoever carries a bag around using only the carrying strap has got to have their heads examined.
The reservoir is now tripled-sealed for better protection against leaks. And probably could withstand a bomb in it.
The stitching has also improved. They look and feel more secure.

Being a race oriented hydration pack, insulation takes second stage on the Air Scoop Team. Actually, there’s none at all. However, the pack comes with a thermal cover for the tube. But I’m not complaining. The thermal cover is rather attractive with a nice shade of blue and silver Hydrapak™ logos all around and seems to work pretty well.

A peculiar bit about the Air Scoop Team is the lack reflective tubes or stripes and mounting straps for blinkers. These features are norm in almost every hydration pack. Although this is a race-only pack, I still feel it’s important to have at least some reflective hard points.

The lack of a waist strap on the Air Scoop Team makes the pack feel less secure. Though, with the lack of a waist strap, the pack rides high, allowing easier access to jersey pockets. The sternum strap has been lengthened to accommodate cyclists with larger chests. There’s an elastic loop on the sternum strap and the bottom of shoulder straps to secure the extra length.

A plus point on the zippers; The hidden zippers offer a neat appearance to the overall aesthetics. The large loops on the zipper tabs make it a lot easier to open the zippers through gloved fingers.


And when you thought it couldn’t get any better. The build quality of the packs has improved and their reservoirs are now even better sealed with the triple-seals mechanism. With the emergence of the custom printing on the Air Scoop Team, Hydrapak™ has opened a new chapter in hydration packs. This move will send other hydration pack manufacturers scrambling to produce packs with better, more interesting graphics instead of the usual black and blue combination.

Fluid Capacity 70 fl. oz. Pack Capacity Limited Empty Pack Weight 400 grams Category Performance

Features: • Vaulted Frame provides a stiff structure to support reservoir, is shaped like your back for comfortable fit • Foam Support Pods lift pack frame off your back and keep skin-to-pack contact surface area to a minimum • Lycra Stretch Materials hold reservoir firmly in place • Open Mesh Shoulder Straps for minimum weight and maximum breathability • Removable printed cover provides