Product Courtesy of Moss Equipment MSRP: SGD120 Availibility: Now

50 Oz/ 1.5 litre,
Lockable bite mouth piece,
‘Swivel’-like water bag connector to tube,
Massive opening which is large enough for the whole hand,
Reflective pipes on bag,
Chest strap,
Water tube Velcro
Small storage compartment,
Air channel between bag and back,
Hard backing to keep bag straight.

First Impressions

This bag looks small and was pretty nice with its bright blue, white and black cover. Comparing the looks to other water bag available in the market, the air scoop looks more slick and aerodynamic. With its four sponge and a hard backing, the air scoop does not stick to the user’s back like many water bags, which heats up the body and the water in the bag. Instead the air scoop allows air to flow between the bag and the user’s back.

Using the Air Scoop

Filling up with water is no problem with the hydra-Pak reservoir as it has an opening big enough for the user to insert the whole of the hand without having to squeeze the hand. This also aids in the cleaning of the reservoir. The reservoir has a ‘swivel’-like tube connector, which allows the tube to be turn towards the left or right side.

Sealing the reservoir is an important step, as any wrong method used will definitely see water leaking out of the reservoir at the opening. Closing the reservoir should be rather easy, as there is a pictorial drawing to show its user how to correctly close the reservoir on the reservoir bag. When properly sealed, the bag will not leak when being turned over.

Once filled up to the 1.5litre mark, the reservoir can be easily inserted into the bag due to its stretchable front. With the reservoir in place and the bag zipped up, one can see 2 sharp edges on the front as the flexi-metal used in the reservoir opening is not really flexible. The chest strap provided is very short, the chest strap seems to be only useable with children or any adult with a chest span of less than 33 inches.

The air scoop has the tube Velcro that allows the tube to stick to the shoulder strap and adjustment can be easily made to provide more length. The tube can be top routed (over the shoulder) or bottom routed (under the armpit) and arranged on both left or right side, which is very well though of with the ‘swivel’-like connector. The mouthpiece can be locked. One little problem encountered was that the mouth piece just pop out from the tube when trying to unlock the mouth piece while not holding to the mouth piece but holding to the tube. This could be improve by either expand the inlet of the mouthpiece or strinking the tube inner diameter to have a tighter fit.

When the Air Scoop was used for a hot day trip in Malaysia, air can be felt flowing between the back and the bag when riding. Which seems to be how the Air scoop gets its name (Scooping air?).

What we think

Having used the Camelbak Razor, which is a similar type of water bag with 2L and very small holding capacity. The Air Scoop definitely wins hands down on the looks. The Razor has a waist strap, which the Air Scoop has the chest strap. The waist strap due to its lower body location, it has “more effect” on restraining the back from “jumping around” behind you. As said above, the chest strap provided with the Air Scoop is rather short, leaving it unused for the whole duration. Another plus for the Air Scoop, would be its stretchable front skin, as the user can try to squeeze more things in the bag. Personally I manage to squeeze a 7-inch hand pump, a multi-tool, a digital camera, a wallet, sun block and key pouch with the full 1.5 litre reservoir. With the Razor only the pump, multi-tool, wallet, sun block and key pouch is able to be squeeze into the bag with 1.5 litres of water.

The water tube in the Air Scoop is very soft making it very easy to get bent (over 90 degrees) making it impossible for any water to flow. This can happen when one is trying to squeeze stuffs into the bag and bending the tube without knowing. This bending seldom happen in the Razor as the tube used is harder.

Hydrapak claims that the reservoir will not burst even when rolled on by a wheel. I did try to stand and bounce on the reservoir when filled with 1.5 litres of water and it shows no leaks or breakage anywhere. This should be because the reservoir uses a one-piece material with seam only found at the bottom of the reservoir.


This bag is well made but its main letdown was its reservoir size. If only it had a larger reservoir like 2 litres. Although listed as a racing bag on, due to Singapore’s hot and humid weather condition, 1.5 litres would definitely be insufficient for races in Singapore.