By now, all of us avid mountain bikers would have known about Fox Racing Shox through our riding buddies and peers alike. But, what are the new changes that Fox will bring for their 2005 products?

The Fox Racing Shox 2005 workshop was presented by none other than our own Enoch, and the product lineup was a total revamp from the preceding years.

Shocks-wise, Fox has produced the refined Pro-pedal, which complements its successful Float and AVA rear shocks range. The new Pro-pedal shock is now even more ride-sensitive, with a linear compression damping curve, eliminating any unnecessary setup time. The redesigned Fox Float rear shock now has an updated look, and is now lighter by 45 grams. The rear shock unit now operates with a lower compression ratio, and utilizes a Dual Overhead Cam adjustment. The RP3 has 3 Pro-pedal settings, and comes with improved shimmed rebound control with linear adjustment range, improved resistance against bottoming out, and precision sized bushings.

Fox has also introduced a new model, named the DHX, which replaces the trusty workhorse model Vanilla as the highest end model for aggressive all mountain, Freeride and DH use. The new DHX features Boost Valve Technology, with 15 click Pro-pedal adjustments, and adjustable compression damping, with a linear rebound control.

Fox has also retagged their entire range of suspension forks in terms of their different travel, performance and functions:

Float: Main low pressure air spring with coil negative spring.

TALAS: Linear air-spring system with TALAS on-the-fly travel adjustment.

F-series: Ultra lightweight fork where weight is reduced as much as possible without compromising performance.

F-X: Terralogic damper instantly differentiates between forces from rider above or terrain below.

Vanilla: Coil spring in each leg. Right side spring is used to tune the fork?s ride quality.

Fox has expanded the lightweight F-series (R and RL models) by using a new, slimmer cartridge, which gives it lighter weight and improved damping performance. The use of aluminum dampers and spring shafts has saved weight on all models. The Float, TALAS and Vanilla forks are now available in 130mm travel for all-mountain usage. The previous compatibility issues with DH rotors have been resolved too, and users are able to run 8? (203mm) rotors on their Fox forks. Last but not least, the 05 forks come in new colors and graphics.

Fox has also released the long-awaited 36 & 40 FR/DH-specific sliders ? fork types which have been sorely missing from its product range all this while.

The single-crown DH/ Freeride/ All Mountain Fox 36 features on-the-fly adjustment between 110mm to 150mm, with a TALAS linear air spring system. It utilizes an all new damping system with adjustable dual speed, with internally adjustable position sensitive bottom out control.

The Fox 40 is a triple-crown DH fork which features a standard 8? travel which can be adjusted to 6?. It uses the same damper as the Fox 36, and is available in 2 different top crown heights. It features external rebound and external dual adjustment, and utilizes a titanium spring.