Format Ozy 88

NICK EE | 6th April 2016 | BIKE REVIEW

Most of the cyclists in the world are aware of the big names in the bicycle industry that are world renowned and their bikes are the dreams and wish lists of many cycling enthusiasts globally.  Plenty of times, it is also the branding and the prestige that plays a major part  with a person’s purchasing decision for a new bike, so instead of getting a bike that suits the person’s riding style, purpose and actual requirements, they might end up getting something different altogether just because of the brand name.  But get off the beaten track and you will discover the lesser known and less popular bike manufacturers and brands out there that exist in the market, one such brand is Format Bikes.

Format Bikes has their head office in Russia where many of their bikes are being sold, not many people are aware or have even heard of the brand Format before, but these guys have been in the bicycle manufacturing market for quite some time now, and they are even main sponsors for some professional riders in Russia, especially in the mountain bike segments.  At the recent UCI Mountain Bike World Cup championships held last August, team Format Udmurtia’s Stanislav Antonov finished in 22nd place finish and Timofey Ivanov took 30th position among 104 of the world’s best racers who took part.

The local distributor for Format bikes in Singapore is Wheels and Cycles, and one of their flagship off road bikes is the Ozy 88, this hard tail consists of a full carbon frame and paired with an X-Fusion Enix RL2 100mm travel suspension fork with remote control feature, the remote that is mounted just above the thumb shifters enable the rider to adjust the damping of the fork to achieve any sort of setting, even while riding.  This bike is also fitted with complete Shimano SLX components that consists of 3x10 gearing and hydraulic disc brakes for the front and rear biting into 160mm rotors.  Most of the bike’s contact points such as the stem, handlebar, seat post and saddle are provided by Funn and the wheels are 26 inch, making this a very maneuverable bike indeed.  Frame sizes come in either 15.5 inches or 17.5 inches, which should suit the majority of the riders out there.

During a brief test ride with the bike, I found the Ozy very light to handle, thanks to the lightweight full carbon frame and nimble 26 inch wheels, it was explosive from a standstill as the wheels gained momentum easily with every stroke of the pedal, since all the power generated by the rider would have been directly transferred to the rear wheel, this is the beauty of riding a hard tail, where you can expect very efficient power delivery to the wheels, but in doing so, some shock absorption and ground contact is sacrificed as the tail gets easily airborne whenever the rear wheel comes into contact with a large bump.  Overall, this hard tail is truly capable in keeping up with the bigger players in the hard tail MTB market but one thing is for sure, the other bigger branded models will definitely be having a harder time in matching the very affordable price of the Ozy 88.


Format Ozy88 is exclusively distributed by Wheels & Cycles, RRP at $2599, complimentary door to door delivery service
Pre-Order at the SAFRA Jurong Bike Fair 8-10 April 16 for $1699