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If you have never used such creams, you’d find that these creams are quite a joke, and an unnecessary expense. Sure, if you’re doing short rides of an hour or so, then you’ll probably have fewer problems than if you were doing centuries or long double-digit hour rides. Then again, if you take hints from Lance Armstrong when he was riding, he’s a total fan of lubes such as this.

Sportique’s Century Riding Cream is meant for just that – riding centuries, or extremely long rides. It claims to be a product that will give you more comfort when you are going to be on your saddle for many hours. Supposedly, the all-natural ingredients aids your skin in self-repair, and the cream also has antifungal and antimicrobial properties.
Squeezed out, it’s a beige coloured cream that reeks a citrusy smell. The instructions say that you’re supposed to rub it everywhere where there might be friction, such as the chamois in your tights, your socks and other areas that vary from person to person.

But there are sceptics. Personally, I have never used these creams because they can be quite troublesome and odd-smelling. The question is whether the additional trouble will be worth the extra comfort and lesser irritations that the Sportique claims its product can offer.

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