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New Product

A tube is a tube. What’s so special about this tube? The FOSS tube is a translucent blue, has a very pretty anodised blue valve and seems really thick. It comes in various sizes for all sorts of bikes such as 700C, 26″ and 18″ for Birdy bikes. It is around this where the inflection point between FOSS tubes and regular tubes start.

Unlike other tubes that you’ve used, the FOSS Tube uses a highly polymerised and unvulcanised rubber composite. With this as the base material for the tube, it has a one-of-a-kind puncture protection. When punctured, the tube has self-sealing functions. With the nail or other sharp object still inside the tube, the special material forms an air-tight seal around it, thus retarding the leak rate and giving the rider a much longer time to find a contingency plan.

Another very important feature is its ability to seal a puncture with the use of fire. If you have a small pinch flat, you could put the affected area under a small flame from a cigarette lighter and after a few seconds, pinch the two parts together. It takes some practice, but if successfully done, you will have a tube that is good to go, without the use of a patch kit. And for weight weenies, the manufacturer claims that its weight is 20% lighter than most tubes.

Perhaps the biggest winners would be people who love to hit the tough trails such as the double diamond Ketam trails, or if you ride on areas that have a lot of roadside litter. Either way, this tube brings about a new innovation in tube longevity and convenience.