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The Black Box

The latest item in our Editorial desk is the Cateye Inou. The Inou is a GPS-video-photo logger that comes with two mounts – one of the handlebar, the other, a helmet mount. It records VGA videos and takes VGA-sized photos at a specific interval which you can choose (1, 2, 5, 10 minutes), while constantly logging data which a GPS-based speedometer would. These include measurements such as speed, altitude, longitude and latitude which can be plotted over a Google Maps overlay via Cateye’s InouAtlas social networking cum logging online interface.

Video sample:

Helmet mounted and trying out the new Simon Road roundabout


InouAtlas log sample:

In the preliminary tests, the accuracy can be a bit hit-and-miss, sometimes it’s accurate, sometimes, it’s off tangent.


A full review will follow in the weeks to come. How useful it is as a GPS-logger, video camera and stills camera is truly a question that needs to be answered.