An Outing with CarryMe and CarryBag around Singapore

(Source – E-Walker)


It has been quite a while since I last spend some quality time with my trusty CarryMe aka “Gentleman”. Having recently acquired a CarryBag specially made for transporting CarryMe’s; I thought to myself, why not test out the usability of the CarryBag with Gentleman! I figured out that it might be a good opportunity to test and showcase the ease and portability of travelling via subway with the bike and bag combo.

Gentleman with CarryBag attached to saddle all ready to roll.

One of the main reasons that made me purchase a CarryMe was to cover the “last mile gap”. It is extremely portable, surprisingly fast for a small bike and weighs around 8kg. Besides that, it is hard to deny the fact that it serves very well as a chick magnet! With the CarryMe, it enables me the freedom of travelling longer distances at practically anytime using our public transportation system namely MRT or bus.

Gentleman unfolded it’s full glory and on the way to MRT.

For the benefit of those not familiar with Singapore, our MRT system do not allow folding bikes of all sorts during morning and ‘after work’ peak hours. This is definitely a deal breaker, as it discourages commuting by bike to work or for recreational purposes. To prove a point, I deliberately rode to the nearest MRT station and tried to board a train during the ‘disallowed hours’. I mentally prepared myself for the stares of disapproval from both the stationmaster and public commuters.

Hello hello?

Hmm…what excuse should I offer if I’m being stopped from boarding the train? Maybe the common Singaporean’s excuse: “I dunno lah?” might save me some of my pride or so called “face”. I stopped for a moment outside of the MRT station to stealthily put the Carry Bag to action. All it took was around 5mins to fold the bike, unpack the bag, cover the bike and voila! Who would have imagined that a bike is hidden inside this neat black colored bag. This beats carrying a full set of golf clubs with bag anytime!


Bike no more!

I passed through the ticket gantry while lugging my bike on my shoulder. No uncomfortable stares, no security personnel to stop me on my tracks. The Carry Bag is really doing its magic. Passed test with flying colors!

I was so pleased with myself getting through the watchful eyes unscathed that I decided to pass on the incoming train, instead waited for the next one just to take this shot of being first in line of queue. Marvel at how compact and small area the CarryMe and bag takes up.


It definitely leaves a smaller footprint compared to a baby stroller, wheelchair or even a guitar in bag!

Such a small foot print. The rest of the journey to my destination was a pleasant and fairly comfortable one. Another cycling adventure, which I foresee in the future, is perhaps an overseas getaway to neighboring places like Malacca, Penang or even Bintan by tour coaches or ferries.

The Carry Bag will come in handy during such trips as it eliminates the need of checking in luggage. You can practically hand carry or shoulder sling this baby wherever you go.

Reserved seating for CarryMe and Bag.

Overall I am very satisfied with the quality workmanship and heavy-duty materials used for the Carry Bag. I felt that the bag was of high quality as it felt secured while carrying it with bike loaded. And it also comes with a big side pouch, which you can see in the above photo, to store your belongings or bike accessories. I find it convenient for stowing my quick release pedals.

This is how I…ahem…CarryMe in bag looks like when sling.

What I do feel the manufacturer can improve on is to add a strap pad to the handle slings to make carrying of bag by hand or on shoulders more comfortable.

This meaningful commuting trip made me truly aware of all the wonderful cycling adventures that I always dream of, are no longer impossible!