MSRP: SDG138 Product Courtesy of Local Motion Sports Availibility: Now

The background of Catlike Helmets can be traced to its roots deep within the roadie scene. Yet, in a departure from that heritage, the Shield is a pure MTB-specific helmet.

Getting Acquainted

I personally feel that when one checks anything out, he/she should always go for looks first. From afar, the Shield looks like any helmet, but when you pick it up, you will realise its light weight straight away. It weighs only 263g on my kitchen scale. While I like the weight of the helmet, I somehow felt shortchanged with regards to the visor. I felt that the visor on the Shield is too small to offer my eyes any real protection from the sun.

Starting to get comfy

The second part of getting a good helmet is the fit. Some people tend to like certain helmet brands over others due to different head shapes. In this case, the Catlike Shield is formed using a sort of circular-shaped structure (something like the Met 5th Element) rather then those which are slightly more ovalised like Giro.

This helmet fits quite snugly on my head but adjusting it can be quite tricky. I found the adjustment slider at the back to be too close to each other and my fingers felt really clumsy trying to get them into place. A more ergonomic design would have been preferred, to facilitate quick and precise adjustments. Right now, one has to use both hands to press down on the ?thumb flaps? and adjust the slider either to the left or right for a snug fit.

Getting Down and Dirty

Going out for our first date, on the First of October, the Catlike Shield was just marvelous. It was clinging onto my head like octopus tentacles, and served its purpose as expected. This ride was an urban night ride out with my friends. Most of them greeted me with ?Eh new helmet ar.? or ?Wah, today someone riding with helmet.?. I felt very secure with it as no matter how much i moved, or jumped, it just stayed put, like a well trained golden retriever. The helmet also had reflective decals, which is good for riding at night and on the roads where you need to be noticed by motorists.