Casio EX-FR100 Camera

Nick Ee | 6th Jan 2016 | NEWS

Ever since the invention of video cameras, manufacturers have always been find new camera features and function, while at the same time trying to keep making them smaller and smaller to make the as portable as possible, so that consumers could find more reason to carry it around to record videos of their most precious moments.  Manufacturers then started pushing the boundaries of video recording devices to be used in more demanding situations, like underwater and in freezing temperatures, and when digital video cameras started gaining flight, the super compact, tough, waterproof action cameras were invented, this brought video recording capabilities to anyone who wanted to record videos ranging from the usual birthday celebration, all the way to underwater diving or mountain biking.  They were also usually so small and light that they could even be mounted onto helmets or strapped onto the body for that added first person perspective realism.

Back in 2011, Casio started to look into a ‘wearable camera’ concept that users could take images and videos while enjoying outdoor activities. After three-years of extensive research and development, Casio invented a two-part modular camera last year that was designed for “freestyle shooting”, and it enabled the consumer to shoot video from any angle imaginable.  This camera easily docks or detaches itself from the controller which had a 2.0-inch TFT color LCD screen for you to instantly view your recording, instead of having the need to connect another device such as your smartphone to view live video recordings or to view previously recorded ones.

The latest model of this “freestyle” camera is the Exilim EX-FR100, just released for pre-orders only very recently this December, this second generation action camera has upgraded specifications for better performance and video recording capabilities, picture quality has improved, along with more functions and is now even easier to use.  Packed with a new engine processor and lenses, together with high speed sensing technologies, this camera now shoots in full-HD with a very high level of stabilization to reduce camera shake, extremely useful when recording video while moving.  All this is possible with Casio’s HS3 Engine, a dual pipeline processing circuit which consists of 2 CPUs and 2 image signal processors, as well as a Dynamic Reconfigurable Processor.  Pre-record Continuous Shutter is a high speed burst shooting of up to 30 frames, before and after pressing the shutter, so that the perfect opportunity for the best shot will never be missed, this camera is capable of recording at a very high frame rate of 240fps, so high speed movies of fast actions and movements is possible, capturing things that even the human eye is unable to catch, and the best thing is, you can even play back the moments in very slow motion.  The anti-shake feature not only stabilizes the picture on a X and Y axis as per the usual standard, but this camera also takes into account a third axis, camera roll, to give you video with minimal blurring, especially when the camera itself is being moved around throughout the entire scene.

Shooting in any lighting condition such as with backlighting or in the dark poses a big problem for most cameras, but this camera’s big aperture F2.8 lens captures any scene cleanly and clearly, and the16mm super wide angle lens also shoots very wide scene with no distortion, making backgrounds or that precious wefie look exactly as it is, without distorting the sides and corners of the picture or video.  There are 6 new interval scenes to choose from, Standard, Intelligent, Hiking, Biking, Snow & Water and Leisure, so all you need to do is to select your desired scene to capture your memories on the go.

You can shoot with this camera in 3 different styles, with the camera detached in Wearable style, or with the camera fixed to the main body in Selfie style or in the usual camera style as you would with a standard compact camera. By itself, the camera can go underwater for a maximum of 60 minutes and 1.5 metres depth. If the marine case is used, the camera will be able to go up to 20 metres in depth. The camera is also able to intelligently select the best contents from the entire library of pictures or videos in the camera to create a full scale movie with superb effects and transitions, using algorithms that incorporate story composition techniques of professional movie creators, and once that’s done, you can easily and quickly send pictures or videos automatically to your smartphone wirelessly via Bluetooth.

The EX-FR100 is now even tougher that is able to withstand higher impact drops up to 1.7m as well as in cold weather down to -5 degrees Celsius, it is also waterproof up to IPX8 and IPX6 and is dust-proof equivalent to IPX6.  The main body has a large, clear and easy to see 3.0″ 920,000 pixel touch screen LCD.  With a launching price of S$699.00, Casio has made this performance ‘freestyle’ camera easily within the reach of most consumers who intend to get such a camera, and with such an extensive list of awesome features and functions, I don’t think that you can go wrong if you decide on this camera for situations where standard compact digital cameras will not even be able to survive in.


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