Busch + Muller helmet flashlights are designed specifically for use on helmets. The light comes in bare skeleton form. It consists only of a switch (cum battery holder) and 4 separate red diodes. No plastic molded casing, no mounting hardware. The whole lighting system weighs a mere 18g including battery.

Top Fire gives the users the flexibility to position the 4 diodes anywhere on the helmet, restricted only by the length of the wire. To mount the diodes, simply glue them onto the helmet with the double-sided tape supplied. The switch has a hook behind it and can be attached neatly onto the chinstrap of the helmet.

The 4 independent diodes can be positioned to face either the sides or to the rear. Most helmets can easily accommodate up to 2 sets of Top Fire with their switches neatly mounted on either side of the chinstrap. The whole system is also ergo logically designed not to interfere with the rider’s head movement. When mounted properly, riders will not even feel the presence of the lights.

When it comes to brightness, the Top Fire’s are at a slight disadvantage as it lacks “mirrored” plastic casing. Mirrored casings are designed to magnify the intensity of the beams passing through them. By losing the casing, Top Fire is at a distinct disadvantage. In addition, the freedom for user to position the lights at their discretion means that the intensity of the light is further disperse. However, despite the disadvantages, Top Fire still serves its primary purpose well thanks to its super bright diodes.

To conclude, the Top Fire is a well-designed helmet mount system, which will enhance the safety of riders riding on the road at night. Since the lights are mounted on the helmet, the chances of its beam being block by vehicles are greatly reduced. Turning it on or off is also a breeze, as the rider only need to reach for the switch which is behind his ears. On the flipside, Top Fire’s diodes only comes in flashing mode. Most other lights, would have at least two modes or more. User might also find it troublesome when the lights need to be removed every time they wash their helmet.

1. Easy attachment, no tools required
2. Featherweight, 18g
3. Uses CR2032 battery which is included
4. 100 lighting hours