Product Courtesy of Speedmatrix Pte Ltd

After laying my hands on my first iPhone, I got so attached to it and could hardly leave home without it, except when I am riding. Its vulnerability to moisture means extra care has to be taken to protect it from rain and sweat. To do that, it had to be kept under “lock” in a Ziploc bag throughout my ride. Once kept in the bag, the access to the phone was pretty much restricted as I could not activate the touch screen through the bag. So when I first heard about the Biologic iPhone case, I jumped at the opportunity to review it.

First Impression

The nifty case comes with a welded touch-sensitive screen membrane, a thin silicon lining on the underside of the case and a hinged opening with clip fastener. Rubber seals are located at the aux outlets to allow user to plug in when weather permits and seals off water in times of bad weather. The case can be removed from the bike mount via a quick-release lever located at the rear. For the bike mount, it can be attached to the handlebar or stem and tightened via a 6mm Allen key. 360 degree rotation means you can switch your phone orientation to either portrait or landscape mode, depending on your preference.

Riding with it

I have mounted the Biologic on my mountain bike and faced no problem bringing it to trails. The mount stays firmly in place although I would pretty much prefer the mount to be secured via the usual bolt and nuts instead of current fancy clip design. With the touch sensitive membrane, I am now able to access the applications even when I am on the move, albeit with more effort is needed. While I did not have the courage to brave through a thunder storm with it, I did subject it to a drizzling test and the case did a good job in keeping water out. However, during the review, I did notice that the ambient light sensor on the phone was covered by the case and the phone was “fooled” into believing that the surrounding was dark. Therefore, when kept in the case, the phone screen brightness is always on the dimmest. Under bright daylight, the screen can be hard to read.


With the Biologic case, I am now able to access my phone even when I am riding. No more missed calls and SMSes. In addition, I am able to make use of the many cycling-related applications even when I am on the move. I find it extremely useful when I can use the map function to guide me to unfamiliar destinations. I understand that the case is also made to be compatible with the new ReeCharge which allow users to charge their iPhone on the go. I personally think that this case is a blessing to most, if not all iPhone users. Now, it will be truly icing on the cake if the current retail price can go be lowered.