700bike Galaxy Folding Bike


The latest Galaxy folding bike from 700Bike has a streamlined aluminum frame which is not only thin but also stiff, a very critical component considering that it is the only main structure that holds the entire bike together.

Whenever we hear of a new bike that has been launched or released, there’s always a cloud of uncertainty of how good or innovative it is until we actually get to test it out for ourselves, and it is only then that we can either be pleasantly surprised or sadly disappointed about this new product.   The folding bike market is already flooded with a huge range of different types and models with all sorts innovative bells and whistles that you can possibly think of, and not to mention the long list of different ways and methods that these bikes can be folded to reduce their original size and shape to make it more compact and portable for easier transport or storage.

The latest Galaxy folding bike from 700Bike has a streamlined aluminum frame which is not only thin but also stiff, a very critical component considering that it is the only main structure that holds the entire bike together.  The frame folds right in the middle of the frame but the locking mechanism is superb, as the frame is forged and machined, it allowed the manufacturer to design the lock internally within the frame, therefore making the overall design and outlook very clean and stylish, with nothing protruding out from the frame itself, there’s even a second safety lock which prevents the main locking handle from coming loose accidentally.  Similarly with the 3D forged one piece handlepost and fork, there is also another security knob that locks automatically when the handlepost is in place and the locking lever is closed.  The seatpost has also been designed with a teardrop shape which not only aids with aerodynamics, but at the same time cleverly ensures that your saddle always remains straight, something that folding bikes with rounded seatposts aren’t able to do and constantly need adjusting whenever the saddle is raised up again.

Another feature not found in any other folding bike is the integrated digital display which is also a world first for 700bike, it displays an analog clock face along with the odometer reading, and while cycling, it will display the current time, speed and current trip’s odometer.   There is also an app that you can install onto your smartphone and then use it to connect to the bike via Bluetooth so that all the data and information from your bike can be downloaded onto your phone for easier reference and record.

The galaxy is fitted with dual Tektro mechanical disc brakes clamping onto 140mm discs for both the front and rear which provide plenty of braking power for the 20 inch alloy wheels that are wrapped with Kevlar anti-puncture tyres, there are 24 spokes for each wheel which should make the rims practically bombproof and very durable.  The SRAM 9 speed PG950 11-28T cassette is mated to an alloy hollow integrated crank with a 53T chainring and fitted onto a press fit BB86 bottom bracket and shifted by a SRAM X-5 rear derailleur and controlled with an X-5 trigger shifter, the gear ratios are more than sufficient for fitness riding at speed as well as for climbing steep hills and slopes, in fact I had hardly used the lowest gear for my climbs while I had the test bike but I could see it’s usefulness for longer and steeper climbs should it be required at anytime.

The Galaxy is a very beautifully designed and manufactured bike, with car like design shapes and angles, it is truly a very nice bike to look at as well as to be seen riding with.  The paint job design and colours are also very striking, thanks to the zinc-rich primer which is used on the frame before the final paint colours are applied.  This bike only weighs about 12.5 kg which is very light considering the amount of material that is required to make this a very stiff, rigid and durable bike, but if saving every gram possible is your top priority, then you might be interested in the Galaxy Pro, which weighs in at an ultra light 10.5kg, with the 2 kg weight savings coming from the use of a carbon fibre seatpost, fork and wheels instead of aluminum alloy.  But both bikes are truly a dream to ride, they are both rigid and extremely smooth to ride, and there is absolutely zero play in the locking mechanisms at all, and nobody tells you that this is a folding bike, you might probably not think that it is one at all as basically no locking mechanisms are clearly noticeable at all.

The 700Bike is available at CycleLogy.