Sennes DH 29: The first production downhill bike with 29″ wheels

CHARLES LEE | 3rd May 2017 | EVENTS

The Sennes DH 29 is probably the first production downhill bike to be fitted with 29″ wheels. Designed and manufactured by Alutech, a well-established brand in Germany, the Sennes DH 29 is the fruition of several generations of the 26″ and 27.5″ model. Just before the Sennes DH 29, the German bike manufacturer has successfully concocted the right blend between 29-ers and gravity-based mountain biking with the Tofane enduro 150mm bike.

Similar to its 27.5″ sibling, the Sennes DH 29 is built around a 204mm travel alloy frame. It is expected to be available in five different sizes.

The 29-er is factory-fitted with the 27.5″ Fox 40 downhill fork, which offers enough clearance for the 27mm-wide e*thirteen TRS wheels and 2.35″ downhill tyres to be installed without any space issue. At 62°, the head-tube of the Sennes DH 29 is slacker by 1.5° to counteract the instability from the larger wheel. Expectedly, the top-tube and wheelbase is longer at 458mm and 1269mm respectively (for a medium-sized version).

Apart from the slight differences in geometry, the Sennes DH 29 shares the same Horst-Link 4-Bar suspension, construction and detailing as the 27.5″ second-generation model.

According to Alutech, the Sennes DH 29 tips the weighing scales at 14.6kg. The official pricing of the bike has yet to be released, though.