The 2015 Merida Big Seven Series

JUSTIN LEVY | 1st Feb 2015

The 2015 Merida Big Seven Series – Hardtails Mountainbikes

Now with 25 years bike manufacturing experience, with 77 dealership countries (and growing) under their belt, Merida releases its 2015 Big Seven range.

The story goes that Merida founder and CEO, Ike Tseng, was so incensed by an American’s reference to the low quality of Taiwanese bicycles he took it upon himself to go into manufacturing and turn that perception around. Some 25 years later Merida is one of the largest and most respected bicycle manufacturers in the world, creating both their own brand and manufacturing bicycles for other well-known companies. With the catch cry, “Merida, More Bike”, they pledge to give you quality and definitely more bang for your buck!

Merida’s Big Seven range of hardtail Mountain Bikes for 2015 offers quality at several price points. Interestingly, the entire range for 2015 is based on the 27.5” wheel size platform, the new standard having trickled down to even basic models. This will ensure a faster rolling, but still agile ride for those with thousands to spend or hundreds, and is surely the best wheel size for Singapore’s tight, technical single track and long fire road climbs alike.

The Big Seven range offers those new to the sport (mountain biking, cross country etc) an attractive entry point to the market. It is easy to jump on a sub SGD $600 Merida 20-MD and ride the PCNs you have been used to while knowing it has the capability to hit up Ketam Trail and give it (and yourself) more of a workout.

Merida Big Seven geometry sits firmly in the Cross Country camp. Steeper angles will reward the newer rider in tight and twisty off road sections while providing an upright and forward biased climbing position. Shorter chainstays across the range give the Big Seven series a nimble feel and an increased bottom bracket height will help with clearance issues off road. All models are available in sizes 13.5” through to 21.5”, a size to suit all.

At the more budget oriented end of the range Merida offers two models with basic componentry built around the same great frame as most of the range, both under $700. Stepping up to the 70, 100 and 300 models gets you a hydraulic brake upgrade over the mechanical disc brakes of the previous models, plus upgraded drivetrain from either Shimano or Sram, and still priced under $1000. Moving through the $1k point the componentry is markedly improved. Expect high end ten speed drivetrains, hydraulic disc brakes and Rock Shox forks as standard as the pricing moves further North. The range topping models, 800 to 7000, feature super sturdy 15mm front and 12mm rear through axles and introduce Fox Racing Shocks to the range along with high end Shimano braking and shifting equipment. The range topping 7000 model is a pure carbon fibre race machine with all the goodies you would expect but still at a comparatively modest $3930 for what is a very competitive bike.

The Merida Big Seven 20 (left. Retailing at : SGD $576) and 40 (right. Retailing at : SGD $626). Quality framework, with entry level componentry.

The Merida Big Seven 70 (left. Retailing at : SGD $776), 100 (middle. Retailing at : SGD $776 ) and 300 (right. Retailing at : SGD $910), adding more refined componentry at a great price.

The Merida Big Seven 500 (left. Retailing at : SGD $1,150)  & 600 (middle. Retailing at : SGD $1,430) and XT Edition (right. Retailing at SGD $1,790) series gets a serious bump up with higher end equipment.

The Merida Big Seven 800 (left. Retailing at : SGD $2,170), 900 (middle. Retailing at : SGD $2,490) and XT series (right. Retailing at SGD $3,120) add Fox or Rock Shox suspension, Maxxis tyres and tapered head tubes to the line-up.

The range topping 7000 series (Retaling at : SGD $3,390) with full carbon fibre construction for light weight and rigidity.
Merida’s Big Seven range offers something a lot of smaller manufacturers cannot. Through their manufacturing volume, industry experience and quality control it gives those new to Mountain Biking the opportunity to jump on a reasonably priced, well-built Mountain Bike and hit the PCN initially, with the capability to go exploring further afield as the rider’s skills and fitness progress. There are several trails around Singapore, from simple fire road to very technical single track and there is not a lot The Big Seven range cannot handle. Jump on one today and start exploring.
Merida Bikes is exclusively distributed by Hup Leong Company, and all Merida Bikes are given unlimited complimentary tuning services, lifetime warranty on frames.
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