Water Bottle that can fit into your pocket!

CHARLES LEE | 11th May 2015 | NEWS

Adventure-seekers who often go for long-haul cycling expeditions know fully well that the “survival” item that often takes the most space in their backpacks is the water bottle. Whilst many riders choose to carry a water bladder, this means that they would not be able to back-carry another bag. The Hydaway collapsible water bottle appears to change the way water bottles are kept in the bag.

Capable of containing around 620 millilitres, the Hydaway is a collapsible bottle that could be compressed to the size of a regular wallet (in circular shape), just like how a musician compressed an accordion inwards. When uncompressed, the Hydaway would be inflated to the shape of a regular mid-sized bottle. The deflation and inflation of the Hydaway is made possible because it is made of silicon, a rubbery material which could be compressed into any shape. Visually, the Hydaway looks to be a promising piece of hydration equipment as the empty bottle could be compressed to fit into a pocket. The freed space such as the bottle cage could then be used to hold another bottle which the rider might have purchased from a convenience store.

According to reports, the Hydaway is not a novel product. Before it came into existence, consumers were already familiar with compressible bottles such the Hydrapak bottles and the Bubi bottles. The Hydaway’s distinction from other similar products is its use of silicon and its manner of compression.

The cap and base of the Hydaway is touted to be BPA-free, and its silicone-made body is of food-grade material. As with any other regular bottle, the cap of the Hydaway features a standard pop-up drinking valve and watertight seal.

The Hydaway could be purchased online from the Hydaway’s website at hydawaybottle.com.