UCI Looking Closely into Motorcycle Incidents during Road Races

Togoparts Editorial Team | 3rd Jun 2016 |

Examination about whether new rules were respected during a recent incident last week.

The Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) has partnered with Royale Ligue Vélocipédique Belge (RLVB), a local Belgian cycling federation to examine an incident involving several cyclists and a couple of motorcycles during the Tour of Belgium last Saturday.

New rules about motorcycle or car driver conduct during cycling events were recently implemented by UCI. They are currently examining whether the new rules were observed during the incident.

Minimizing Risks

The new rules require drivers and motorbike riders to remain vigilant at all times and prioritize the safety of the cyclists, the spectators, and other vehicles.

There is also a strong emphasis on safe driving, especially when overtaking cyclists participating in the event. Furtheremore, anyone in charge of a vehicle must comply with all directions from race commissaires.

Failure to observe the rules will result in sanctions by the UCI Disciplinary Commission.

Refining the Rules

The UCI is also finalizing an updated and more detialed set of regulations and guidelines meant to be observed throughout all future road races. Some of these changes include setting a limit to the number and position of vehicles allowed in races, as well as setting the size and power of motorcycles used in races.

UCI President Brian Cookson has something to say regarding the incident: “Safety is an absolutely vital issue for the UCI and our stakeholders, and it is crucial we do all in our power to protect the riders from unnecessary risks. We have seen too many incidents involving motorcycles, and that is why we recently adopted clear new rules governing how vehicles must be driven in races.”



The UCI has recently introduced new rules governing the conduct of everyone who is in control of a car or motorcycle in a road race, and will be examining whether or not these rules were respected in the above mentioned case.