Try these apps to make cycling more fun. Source: YouTube

Whatever type of terrain you like to ride, mountains or urban cycle lanes, there is an app for it. From fitness tracking to route planning, safety assessments, and data review, these ten apps will enhance your riding experience.



Strava is the essential bike app

Probably the most popular cycling app, Strava tracks your data and uploads it into a social hub of cyclists so you can compare and analyze your performance on individual segments.



You won’t get lost in the woods with this app

ViewRanger works more as an interactive guidebook. It contains over 150,00 trail guides for you to explore. Mountain bikers will find it particularly useful with the GPS navigation tracing your location and sending alerts if you stray off the track. It also has a Skyline feature that will help you discern your surroundings more accurately.


Dirt School

This one is for the thrill seekers

Dirt School is another app for mountain bikers. It will help you improve your skills through videos and step-by-step guides.


Garmin Connect

All your gadgets in one place

This visually appealing app will connect you to your Garmin hardware such as fitness trackers and smartwatches. By monitoring your exercise and lifestyle, it will provide you data insights so you can track your progress. You can also compete with other users or take part in weekly challenges.


First Aid for Cyclists by St John Ambulance

First aid advice in one app

A team of trained experts and St John Ambulance’s Cycle Response Unit developed this free app to help cyclists respond better when an accident occurs.


Bike Doctor

No need to call mechanic just yet

Is your bike in need of repair? The Bike Doctor’s easy to use visual interface will help you break down any issue into an easily digestible and fixable process.


Rain Alarm

So you don’t get caught in the rain

Not designed specifically for bikers but essential nonetheless. Rain Alarm is the most popular app of its kind and for a good reason. It will show you a satellite image of where the storms are forming and in which direction they are moving.



This one will come in handy next time you’re cycling a mountain pass

This app will turn your phone into an accurate altimeter, showing you how high or low you are regarding altitude.


Bike Gear Calculator

In case you want to get super technical with your gear setup

This is a free app for those tech heads who wish to find out more about their bikes cadence, tire size, speed, pedal rotations, and gain ratio.


Size My Bike

Find the perfect settings with this app

A handy app that will help you adjust your bike to perfect settings without the need to visit a bike shop.


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