Cycling Computers – Wahoo

Turn your iPhone 4S into a heart rate monitor

Wahoo Fitness Blue HR

Suitable for running enthusiasts, the Wahoo Fitness Blue HR strap transforms your iPhone 4S into a heart rate monitor. It is also a convenient add-on for the cyclist who is already using the Wahoo Fitness Blue SC for speed, cadence and distance during regular training or commuting rides!

Available at: Axtro Sports
Retail Price: $129/-

Nutrition – Maxifuels

For sports junkies & serious athletes

Maxifuel Energy System Viperactive

Maxifuel ViperActive is an all in one sports drink ideal for sports junkies and serious athletes. It helps to replenish carbohydrates stores, replace lost, electrolytes and ensures that the body is kept fully hydrated and can be taken before, during or after intense exercise. Maxifuel contains branched chain amino acids which can improve immune function and reduce muscle breakdown. Maxifuel Viperactive Gel is easy to consume and can be taken before and/or during intense exercise.

Maxifuel is an elite line of products developed by Europe’s No. 1 Sports Nutrition brand Maxinutrition, which is part of the GlaxoSmithKline Group.

Available at: Selected Bike Shops
Retail Price: Viper Active Gel (x 24) – $84/-, Viperactive (powder) – $42/-