Components – Shimano & Gipiemme

New to clipless pedals? This may be the answer

Shimano PD-T400 Clipless pedals

Considering switching to clipless pedals for better cycling efficiency but concerned that it might take some getting used to? The Shimano PD-T400 which comes with a pop-up cage and lighter spring for easy entry and release which is great for those new to clipless pedals. With an integrated composite wide platform body, the pedals are also compatible with normal walking shoes for short rides.

Available at: Tay Junction
Retail Price: $50/-


The Do-It-All Wheelset

Gipiemme Tecno 716 light Road Wheelset

A strong and semi-aero clincher wheel set that is versatile for both training and racing, the Tecno 716 rim is 40mm deep and weighs just 1,750g. Handmade in Italy, it comes with a black laser anodized finish and is laced with high quality Sapim CX-Ray stainless steel aero spokes.

Available at: Cycle Craft
Retail Price: $820/-

Bag – Crops

For the sartorially conscious

Crops Gina Saddlebag

Crops’ series of fashion forward “Gina Saddlebags” available in striking colours is certainly for the sartorially conscious cyclist, . Made with organic PU materials, environmentalists will certainly be pleased! Strap it on your bike and make a statement today.

Available at: Rodalink
Retail Price: $28/-

Lights – NightRider & Crops

See and be seen at night, even on the trails

NiteRider Lumina 650

Niterider’s latest series “Lumina” is certainly for the hardcore night rider. Smaller, brighter and lighter than its predecessor (the popular MiNewt Cordless series), the lights are wireless and USB rechargeable. This means minus the cumbersome cables that were used to connect to battery packs. Lumina 650 is the brightest in the range (aside from the 350 & 500) and the only one that comes with a helmet mount in addition to a handlebar mount. As its name suggest, the light output is 650 in lumens and is bright enough for trail riding at night. On city streets, your presence will certainly be unmistakeable. According to NiteRider, the Lumina 650 will run for 1.5 hours on high, 3:00 on medium and 5:30 on low which is quite a lot of run time for something as bright as this.

Available at: Hup Leong Company
Retail Price: $168/-


Run your lights on…USB power

NiteRider Solas (Tail Light)

Running on powerful 2-watt LEDs, your presence on the roads will certainly be unmistakable with one of these bright rear light from Niterider and you will certainly feel “safer” zipping amongst the cars. The Solas is daylight visible and also incorporates a thoughtful “Group Ride Mode” feature that allows you to switch the light output to a lower mode in order not to blind or annoy the cyclist trailing behind you. In total, the Solas comes in four distinct and useful light modes: 1st flash mode (18 hours), 2nd flash mode (7hours), High steady mode (4.5 hours) and low steady mode (36 hours).

Available at: Hup Leong Company
Retail Price: $60/-

Light up… in style

Crops Antarex Bike Lights




Antarex LED lights by Japanese company Crops are water resistant and easily installed on the handle bars or seat post. Available in various bright silicon casings, these lights can be set to continuous or flashing mode and can last between 30 to 120 hours for the white lights and 50 to 150 hours for the red lights.

Available at: Rodalink
Retail Price: $24/-