Eyewear – Rudy Project & Shimano

Stylish Performer

Rudy Project Sportsmask

More than just fashionable eyewear, Rudy Project’s Sportmask is certainly one piece of top performing quality shades. These frameless sunglasses are designed to wrap nicely around most faces. Cleverly designed for the cyclist in mind, the Sportsmask is comfortable and vision is not obstructed even in the aero position on your bike with your head tucked in. These shades are also nicely spaced away from your face to allow for airflow and prevent sweat on the lenses.

Available at: Pharmatic Trading
Retail Price: $320/-

Sleek & Functional Eyewear

Shimano Equinox 2 Sunglasses

Designed for the demanding cyclist in mind, the Equinox is suitable for use under all light conditions with its photochromic lens. Photochromic lens adjust their tint according to prevailing light conditions to give the rider the best vision in any given situation. The temple tips and nose-piece are fully adjustable for greater fit and comfort.

Available at: Rodalink
Retail Price: $199.90

Shoes – Shimano

Pro-look and performance…without the pro price

Shimano SH-R170 Road Cycling Shoe

One of Shimano’s new introductions for 2013, the SH-R170 incorporates the latest Dynalast outsole technology which is lower in stack height and overall weight, combined with aesthetics which are similar to its top-of-the line counterpart, the SH-R320. With dual off-set velcro straps and a low profile micro-adjust buckle, this shoe is perfect for road cyclists who want top performance from a lightweight cycling shoe without breaking the bank. Recommended for road biking enthusiasts and racers!

Available at: Tay Junction and Cannasia
Retail Price: $221/-


Shoes which are worth a ‘Tri’

Shimano SH-TR60 Triathlon Cycling Shoe


Designed specifically for triathletes, the SH-TR60 has a single oversized velcro strap for fast transitions and an extra secure fit. The shoes’ nifty feature allows the strap to be kept “standing” in “open” mode for convenient feet entry as the triathlete mounts the bike and shoes can then be swiftly secured with a handstroke. The brand new Shimano Dynalast outsole secures the foot into the ideal ergonomic position for a more efficient up stroke. The upper part of the shoe is made from Rovenica ultra-fine fiber synthetic leather for comfortable biking after the swimming leg. Perfect for your ‘garang’ triathlete friend!

Available at: Cannasia
Retail Price: $293/-