Togo Bike Fest 2017 made its opening debut on the 10th November at Suntec City Crescent Level 2.  Held from 10th till 12 Nov, the Fest drew large numbers of bike enthusiasts and people not in the biking scene. The crowds were more than enough to rival that at the Singapore Bike Show this year; many were enthusiastic at seeing great deals and discounts on bike and bike items. Satisfaction level was high, and shoppers walked away with fantastic goodies and thoroughly enjoyed themselves getting filled up on information from the Expert Talks.


Here’s a quick rundown on the 3-day event:

1) Early Bird Sales & Goodie Bags Giveaway


Preparations were fun but challenging; by 11am, the participating booths were ready to open and sell out their super limited sale items. Between 11am and 12pm, sales went as low as $58 for a child’s tricycle sold usually at $118; by 12pm many of the items had sold out. Our Togoparts crew were also on hand giving away 100 Goodie Bags like Santa Claus’ children; the delighted faces of the recipients were enough to convince us of their contentment. By 11.40am on Day 1, around the same time on Day 2 and 11.25am on Day 3, the goodie bags were fully given out.


An Early Bird Sales poster by Rodalink – the company made roaring sales.

Togoparts would like to thank the following exhibitors for their participation:

Etiqa Insurance, Garmin, Bike31, Rudy Project, Rodalink, Muc-Off, The Cyclist Mess, Willow Bike Art Cafe, Pumpanickel, Scotter Hub, AXA Bike Security, Royal Baby/Zuna Sports, TripleFit (distributor of Odlo), and TireCare.

For Goodie Bags, Togoparts thanks Apex Pharmacy Marketing Pte Ltd for its generous sponsorship of Starbalm, Powerbar and Flexiseq; and Bike31, TireCare, Etiqa, Rodalink, Willow Bike Art Cafe, Pumpanickel and TripleFit for their various contributions to the goodie bag items.


2) Expert Talks (click here for a list of speakers)

Gold Medalist Calvin Sim woos a starstruck crowd with his SEA Games training experiences.

Monetary purchases aside, the soul must be fulfilled, too. Based on this perspective, Togoparts invited several keynote speakers to fill up Days 1 and 2 with topics to enrich the Fest goers. We are indeed very honored to have with us Calvin Sim, Singapore’s Gold Medalist SEA Games winner who attained Singapore’s next gold medal for track cycling after Bernard Wong clinched the last one in 1997 (ending a 20-year wait). Of equal keynote importance are the speakers below, who have kindly and generously donated their time and expertise to make the Fest a delightful one:

Ms Tang Shufen, Principal Physiotherapist of Physio Kinetics. She spoke about the benefits of physiotherapeutic massage for the injured cyclist.

Wilson Low from RAW Epics and a certified MTB coach himself, who gave a rousing demonstration on how mountain bike tricks can be used to improve one’s ride.

Ms Zoe Lim of Etiqa, who charmed the crowd with her personality and spoke on cycling safety and how Etiqa insurance benefited her as an amateur rider.

Steven Lim from the Safe Cycling Task Force. He is no less a principal on the principal issue of cycling safely on Singapore roads. His presentation included appropriate ways of riding, hand signals one can use on the roads, and a number of other safety tips backed by strong Powerpoint/video presentation that left an impactful impression on many.

Dr Peter Tan, CEO of Parkitect Asia. His stoic elucidations on the developments of modular pumptracks in Singapore have informed us on how they can be used to train/improve our rides, and opened our eyes wide to the world of modular pumptrack use.

Michael Lyons, CEO of Recovery System. Lyons brought his 50-odd years of competitive cycling experience into the show, explaining how one can and should recover from streneous training and how Recovery System can help cyclists achieve that effort.

Calvin Sim, Singapore’s gold medalist SEA Games winner. A rare privilege, Calvin broke Singapore’s 20-year drought to clinch the Republic’s next gold in August this year. He shared with a starstruck audience on his training regime for the SEA Games; earned approving applause and glances with his commentary of converting to part-time work to support his training full-time (despite a work-centric, fast-paced Singapore). Most enlightening was the secret fact that he and his teammate were ready to sacrifice their own individual selves to help the other attain victory. Post-talk, Calvin confesses that he’d never have won that medal if not for his teammate who sacrificed himself last minute to let Calvin ride ahead and clinch the gold.

Jason Liew of Willow Bike Art Cafe shared a most interesting history on Nukeproof bike frames and how carbon frames have enhanced the effectiveness of our rides. He & Willow are also the sponsor of the Nukeproof Pulse grand prize.

Zhang Zhiguang, Co-founder of TireCare Singapore Pte Ltd. Wheel-puncture sealant is a relatively new technology, but it has saved thousands of lives on ambulances that got punctured ferrying their patients to hospitals. Zhiguang shared how he co-founded this company, and the wonders of TireCare Sealant that leaves your punctured wheel good as new to be used.

Togoparts thanks the above people for their unbridled generosity.


3) Lucky Draws & a Grand Finale One

3 lucky draws and a fourth main one scheduled themselves over 3 days. It drew a starstruck crowd who lingered on to see who had received the lucky prizes. The Grand Lucky Draw came with the prerequisite of registration whereby registrants qualified themselves one precious chance of winning. To secure a draw coupon, each person had to spend $50 and above and show their receipts at the lucky draw counter.

Togoparts would like to thank the following sponsors of our Lucky Draw Prizes:

Bike31, RoyalBaby, TireCare, Apex, Jet Cycle, Rudy Project and Pumpanickel.

Our Grand Lucky Draw saw 3 lucky winners walk away with 3 awesome grand bicycles.

They are: (inclusive of our deepest thanks for the following sponsors):

  1. Nukeproof Pulse 2017 DH, won by Fredrick W – sponsored by Willow Bike Art Cafe;
  2. Polygon Strattos S3 won by Zairul – sponsored by Rodalink;
  3. Cannondale Catalyst 4 won by Alex Lim – sponsored by Cannasia Pte Ltd.

In Hindsight

Togo Bike Fest 2017 made its debut this year at Suntec City. Sales targets have been hit and booths and patrons have reported happy deals and awesome times. The lucky Nukeproof winner, Fredrick, confesses he had not expected himself to win and was totally jaw-dropped when his name was called by Jason, the Nukeproof sponsor. What made it even more exciting was that he’d handed in his coupon on Friday, didn’t win anything, and tried his lucky again last minute and won on Sunday! The turnout at the Grand Lucky Draw completely filled the inner part of the long event hall.

Togoparts thank all booths, sponsors and participants for endowing their presents and presences generously at Togo Bike Fest 2017!