Singaporean Mountain Biker collapsed during Mountain Bike Race in Pasir Gudang, Malaysia!

CHARLES LEE | 26th May 2016 | NEWS

A mountain-biking race that took place last Saturday in Pasir Gudang, Malaysia, had claimed the life of a Singaporean cyclist. Mr Al-Rashid Jamalludin was taking part in the MegaRide MTB Special Edition 2016 race when he collapsed.

The MegaRide MTB Race, which was in its 6th edition, is an event where participants are required to ride over rough, muddy and hilly terrains. According to the event’s manager, Mr Sariman Samuri, Mr Jamalludin collapsed about 10km away from the starting line. Mr Sariman added that paramedics had to use a motorcycle to get to Mr Jamalludin. He told TNP: “The trail was an offroad one, so the ground was very rough and uneven, and the ambulance was unable to reach the place.” He added: “I was driving a four-wheel drive so I was able to drive to where the man had collapsed.”

The incident occurred at about 11am, when Mr Sariman, who was delivering mineral water to the checkpoints received a distress call from his event crew. The paramedics from the Malaysian Civil Defence had already pronounced Mr Jamalludin dead by the time Mr Sariman reached the scene. He said: “The civil defence medic told me that they gave him CPR but to no avail. I was very shocked because this has never happened before.” Mr Jamalludin’s face was covered and his hands were placed on his stomach when Mr Sariman arrived. His body was then taken to the main road in Mr Sariman’s vehicle, where it was subsequently transferred to a waiting ambulance and sent the to Sultan Ismail Hospital.

The MegaRide MTB race was organised by Johor Baru South Leisure Cycling Club and the participants were not required to provide any health records when they registered for the event.
Mr Sariman explained that the race organisers have never requested for health records from the participants because there were clear assumptions that the riders understood that there is a level of difficulty in the race. He added: “This is mountain biking, so the trail is not flat. The riders would have to climb hills and cross small rivers during the trail.”

Mr Jamalludin was part of the pool of contestants from the Masters Category. The Masters Category is designed for cyclists who are over 45 years old. The distance to cover in the Masters Category is approximately 35km.

Mr Jamalludin’s family declined comment when interviewed. The friends and family of Mr Jamalludin have been leaving their condolences on his Facebook page. Mr Mahmoud Jnad, the son-in-law of Mr Jamalludin, left two posts on Facebook, expressing his love for his late father-in-law. He described Mr Jamalludin as a “wonderful father”.