Bike thieves strike commonly in corridors and bike parking bays.

On Oct 4, a 28 year-old man was arrested on a suspected count of serial bicycle thefts.

Last month, several victims reported their bikes stolen from bicycle bays of private condominiums in Bukit Timah.

Police arrested the man at Woodlands Rise, after intensive investigations on Oct 3.

The thief is believed to have stolen bicycles around the island. For his crimes, he will be charged under Section 379 of the Penal Code, chapter 224, and detained for further investigations.

If convicted, his sentence could be a three-year jail and fine.

It is hereby advised that you should care of your bicycle well. Use U-locks for portable protection or purchase higher quality bike locks. Price is not the problem when safety’s the tradeoff.

Read the Straits Times report here.


And On the Question of Locks 

Which Lock should you choose?

Which lock is suitable for your bike?

The diagram shows 4 kinds of locks. Usually, cyclists would consider Cable Locks or Chain Locks.

U-Lock: U-locks are recommended by the Singapore Police for their ease of use and portability, and increased security. U locks are also cheaper and lighter than chains and folding locks. However, they have limited length, are complicated to carry and cannot chain two bikes together.

Folding Lock: Easy to carry and of a practical length. The downside is its questionable ability to last.

Chain Lock: Easier to carry out and is longer than a U-lock, allowing for more bicycles to be fastened together.
Downside: usually expensive and heaviest of the four locks.

Cable Lock: The standard lock chosen by the majority of bike owners. Cable locks are long, light and cheap. However, the security they offer your bike is questionable. Your best bet is to buy one around the $20-$30 SGD range. Don’t go for anything below $20 as these are cheap locks (unless there’s a discount). I got my current Cable Lock at $22 and it’s still lasting and well.

It is important to note that 16mm chain links and locks cannot be cut by manual bolt cutters. While a little more cumbersome, perhaps you could have the circumference of your lock measured before buying it.

Read this site for more information on selecting a good lock for your bike.


A stolen bike whose owner did not loop the chain around the bike frame.



Lastly, Two Good Tips on Parking and Securing Your Bike:

1) Choose a prominent bicycle parking dock or bay with CCTV in plain sight. It’s good to have an extra “eye” guarding your bike when you’re not around;

2) If you’re using a Chain or Cable Lock, loop the cable around the front wheel and through the bike frame and secure it to the bike dock. This way, barring the cutting of your cable, only the rear wheel can get stolen. That’s far better than having the whole bike gone.


An “eagle eye” deters thieves psychologically from stealing your bike.



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