The RXF 34 Suspension Fork brought to life by Specialized and Ohlins


28th Dec 2015 | NEWS

Since the first appearance of Ă–hlins prototype on a Specialized bike, the speculations became heavy. As one of the big names in the auto and motorcycle suspension world, many of those gear heads will also geek out on the possibility of Ă–hlins suspension on their mountain bike.

After first seeing the real product in the Ă–hlins TTX coil shock on Specialized Demo and Enduro Evo, the name appeared again when the STX22 air shock was launched for the Specialized Enduro. There have been nothing since then but the rear shocks, but it looks like the day have been finally here with the introduction of the Ă–hlins RXF 34.

It might seem a bit odd to get the announcement of a new fork from a bike company rather than the company that built it, but it seems that Specialized and Ă–hlins have had a very close relationship to bring this products to life. Making heavy use of the Demo, Enduro, Stumpjumper and Camber as their test platforms, the partnership made sure that Ă–hlins had a great way into the bike industry and Specialized have also benefited from suspension tech tailor made to their bikes.

The Ă–hlins RXF 34 is not a Specialized specific product, but will be sold to Specialized initially. The big news is that (according to Specialized and Ă–hlins) this is the first trail fork to make use of a twin tube damping cartridge. The ability to separate the compression from the rebound oil allows for both high speed and low speed compression rebound adjustment ensuring a more consistent damping performance.

The RXF fork also makes use of of 3 air chambers -two positive and 1 negative. And will supposedly make for better tuning of the suspension curve and provide the ability of the to make the fork supple off the top without affecting bottom out performance.

RXF 34 will be initially available for 29ers with 120, 140 or 160mm of travel, and will use a 34mm stanchion chassis. Ă–hlins claims that their use of forged unicrown makes a 34mm fork stiffer than most 35mm fork out in the market and will be comparable to 36mm with less weight. But the RXF 34 thru axle is not Boost compatible with a standard 15mmx100mm spacing. And doesn’t appear to have a quick release, opting instead for a bolt thru axle with a single pinch bolt.

Sold through Specialized retailers, the RXF 34 will retail for ~SG$1,620 and will be available soon. Specialized also mentions that Ă–hlins USA is now authorized to service and sell shocks, forks, and replacement parts, though everything will continue to be available through Specialized as well.