Ride for Rainbows 2016 – Sharing the Love through Cycling

Club Rainbow’s annual charity ride is already on its fifth year, raising awareness and funds to support families of children suffering from major chronic illnesses.

Cycling can either be a competitive sport or a healthy way to pass time, but it’s much better when it’s the perfect chance to help those in need.

Club Rainbow, a charity group that has helped over 500 families through social activities, financial services and personalized counseling, will hold their annual Ride for Rainbows event this July.

The event is currently on its fifth year, and aims to raise public awareness and funds to support the families of children suffering from major chronic illnesses. Children supported by Club Rainbow range from newborns to youths up to 20 years old, most of them requiring constant therapy, medications, and frequent visits to the hospital.


Riding for Ritchie

One of the children that would receive support from this event is Ritchie Chan, an 18 year old boy suffering from Spina Bifida, a condition that prevents the backbone and spinal membrane from completely protecting the spinal cord. Diagnosed when he was only 3 months old, Ritchie has already undergone three operations before he was 7 months old.

Ritchie’s family was referred to Club Rainbow when he was four years old, helping them get through difficult times. With help from Club Rainbow, Ritchie grew up into an active boy, enjoying various activities such as basketball, swimming, and horse-riding lessons, despite the regular need for daily medication and monthly checkups.


A rewarding experience

Helping is its own reward, but cyclists participating in this year’s Ride for Rainbows event can get more out of the experience. Togoparts has partnered with Club Rainbow for the #TOGO920 challenge, which involves riding 920 kilometers from May 14 to July 24. Distance covered by Ride for Rainbows participants will count towards their progress if they signed up for the event.

For more details about Ride for Rainbows, check out https://www.clubrainbow.org/events-archive/2016/3/20/ride-for-rainbows-201. For more information about the #TOGO920 challenge, feel free to visit http://www.togoparts.com/togo920/index.php.