With its debut on 2005, POC a Swedish brand aims to provide athletes and consumers with a standard and highest

personal protection through elegant designs and innovative safety and technical concepts with their products such as helmets, body armors, goggles, eyewear, gloves and other safety gears in cycling and snow industries which is being sold to 40 countries worldwide. POC integrates their original concepts, technologies and cutting-edge innovations with their scientific teams consists of Brain Scientists, Sports Medicine Experts, Engineers, Neurologists, Designers and Athletes.

POC was sold first by its founders in Sweden for approximately $43.5 million to Black Diamond which consistently expands and grows. It was now bought by a global investment company Investcorp for US$65 million. Investcorp which has a long history involvement in consumer sporting business had also owned other outdoors brand like Helly Hansen, Dainese, and AGV.

“We are delighted to be partnering with Investcorp in the next stage of our development; with Investcorp, POC has the capability to further accelerate, to grow sales, increase penetration into new markets and drive forward innovation, while not deviating from our ultimate mission of doing the best we can to possibly save lives and reduce consequences of accidents for gravity sports athletes and cyclists” according to Stefan Ytterborn, POC’s founder and CEO.

“POC is one of the fastest growing, dynamic and innovative companies in the sports gear and protection sectors. Its cross generational reach, intrinsic focus on technical innovation and commitment to safety, makes it the perfect fit for our portofolio. Leveraging our sector expertise, experience of working with high quality brands and industry connections, we believe Investcorp is well placed to further support POCs already impressive growth trajectory.” said Gilbert Kamieniecky, Principal of Investcorp’s European Corporate Investment group,

It was now expected that a more stylish, elegant design and more innovative products will be coming out from POC by collaborating with Helly Hansen and Dainese.



Photo Credit: http://www.pocsports.com/