Malaysian trio to cycle 30,000km to promote Malaysia!

CHARLES LEE | 7th May 2015 | NEWS

Mr Sofian Mohd, a lecturer, and two of his businessmen friends Datuk Mohd Kepli Ahmad and Mr Harmy Yusuf are the latest group of cyclists to join the list of riders who cycle across the world for a cause. For the trio, they want to spread a simple message: Malaysia is a hospitable country to visit! To carry out the cause, the three of them, who are all Malaysians, are intending to cycle a distance of 30,000km in 485 days.

Sofian, a 55-years-old father of two said: “We will play a role as ambassadors to promote Malaysia to the world. We will cycle 80km a day for six days in a week. We want to spread the message of peace and harmony.”

To prepare for the expedition, the trio has been putting in training hours on a daily basis. Sofian told Asia One, “We cycle at least 100km to get ourselves ready for the longest bicycle journey of our lifetime.”

The expedition will begin on 1 August this year in Malaysia. The first stop will be at Thailand which is followed by Laos, China, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Greece and other European countries. The first leg of the expedition is planned to end in London. The second leg will continue from Canada before it ends in Los Angeles. The third and final leg will stretch from Tokyo to Malaysia. As the duration of the expedition is exceptionally long, each rider the will be carrying essential items such as tents and portable cooking stoves. Each equipped bike weighs about 130kg.

Hoping to make use of the expedition to promote a healthy lifestyle, Sofian feels that “the kids these days are too pampered”. He said: “They would not want to walk or cycle if the place is far.” To instil toughness in his two children, Sofian exposed them to outdoor activities at a young age. When asked about his secrets to good health, Sofian denied that he maintains a special diet. He said: “Just stay active. You are what you eat. Do not eat too much. Everything has to be in moderation.”