Ofo dishes out new credit system to curb bad behaviour

CHARLES LEE | 28th June 2017 | NEWS

To combat the recent onslaught of prominent bike-abuse incidents, bicycle-sharing firm ofo has introduced a wholly-new credit rating system that is designed to encourage positive user behaviour. It was reported that bicycles from bike-sharing firms had been deliberately thrown into canals and even from high-rise flats.

The new system works like this: Each user will be credited with 100 points. If the points are reduced to zero, the user will be permanently suspended from renting any ofo bicycle. According to an ofo spokesman, damaging the bicycle and violating traffic rules are breaches that will reduce the credits.

Conversely, positive user behaviour such as reporting a broken bike will allow the user to earn ofo credits. The new credit system is already available on the ofo app.

Despite the spate of abuse cases, the ofo spokesman clarified that no more than one percent of ofo’s fleet have been mishandled. Having said that, he added: “Of course, we do not take these isolated cases lightly, and hope to discourage negative user behaviour with our new credit system and ongoing education.”

The latest incident of bike abuse involved a 47-year-old man, who had allegedly threw an ofo bike from a block along Upper Boon Keng Road on June 22. The company has lodged a police report.

The ofo spokesman said: “We are currently working very closely with the relevant authorities to investigate into the matter thoroughly. This is something that goes beyond bicycle damage and poses a threat to the safety of everyone around.”

On the brighter side, ofo has garnered strong support in the social media.

The ofo spokesman said: “Following the recent bike abuse incidents, many users have left messages of support on our social media channels (Facebook and Instagram) condemning these negative actions.”

The new credit system is already available on the ofo app..