Errant cyclists on the rise in Singapore

IRIS | 6th Jan 2015 | NEWS

Information coming from Traffic Police reflects that there are more errant cyclists, with the number of summonses that have been issued to cyclists gone up over the years. The number in 2011 stood at around 1,200 and it increased to 1,455 in 2013.

The number of cycling offences in 2014 in the period between January and June was 726, as compared to 705 between the same perion in 2013. The recorded misdemeanors include riding on footpaths and negligent riding – ie, disregarding a red lights or inflicting injuries to others.

One of the reasons being looked at for these higher recorded number of breaches could be due to an increase in cyclists on the roads. Another reason could be lack of infrastructure.

We all know that the government and the authorities are working hard imporving cycling infrastucture around the city and making it more bike-friendsly, some experts believe an attitude makeover is in order. Mr Steven Lim, president of the Safe Cycling Taskforce, said: “People tend to do things at their own convenience. That is why they would rather choose to do things even if it breaks the rules, just because it is convenient to them… If only people think of the safety of themselves and others, and not to do things this way, I think things will improve significantly.”

If a person is hurt by a cyclist riding in a rash manner, the cyclist could be jailed up to a year and fined S$5,000