The Ding: 2 light beams from a single source

CHARLES LEE | 31st May 2015 | NEWS

For those who enjoy cycling at night, stop and think about this: How would you increase your visibility on the roads with only one frontal headlight? Clueless? Still adamant with your answer that visibility could only be enhanced with at least two to three lighting systems installed on various parts of the bike? The Ding headlight, a new product from Australian company Design Brains could be the answer for you.

As quirky as the name might be, the Ding’s simple design passes off as an ordinary headlight without giving any hint of its capability to project two beams in different directions. The Ding only reveal its true colours, or lights if we put it in the cycling context, when it is switched on.

Apart from the two LEDs bulbs that are used to project the Ding’s forward beam to enable the rider to see the road ahead, the underside of the Ding features a third LED bulb, which is used to project a downward beam that lights up the road on the left and right sides of the bike. According to the Ding’s website, the lighting system houses five lighting configurations – Hyper, Track, City, Flasher and Daytime. Of the five, activating the Ding in Hyper mode projects the maximum output of 400 lumens and 150 lumen from the forward beam and downward beam respectively.

The concept of projecting two or more beams from a single device is not rocket science. Configuring the lighting modes does not require the rider to be a PhD as well. The Ding has a “go” button and all the rider needs to do is to activate the lights is to press that button and hold for one second. To change the lighting mode, the rider only need to press the same button to achieve the lighting mode that he or she wants.

With four different colours to choose from and weighing only 110 grams, the Ding is touted to last for three hours on Hyper mode on a single charge.

As at the time of writing, the Ding has yet to reach the production stage.