Dangerous bike parts highlighted in a BBC documentary


Fake Britain programme focuses and highlights fake FSA bars.

Dangers of buying fake carbon parts on Ebay was highlighted last December 7, 2015 on a BBC Documentary Fake Britain.

The documentary focused on Matt Philips, a mountain biker who bought which he thought a genuine pair of FSA carbon handle bars on Ebay due to its correct graphics and feel. During his descent on their local trails, the bars suddenly snapped into three pieces and failed catastrophically that left him with a broken wrist which required seven weeks in plaster and several months of physiotherapy. And even after all that, Matt still hasn’t regained full movement of his wrist.

The problem arise when Matt Philips sent the snapped bars back to FSA Factory in Milan Italy and discover that they were in fact a cheap carbon copy made from Far East that doesn’t conform to European Safety Standards.

Also, this was not an isolated case, with FSA finding over 2,000 similar fake parts that was sold online in just a month of searching. With this, the company put a special FSA logo that can only be seen under a UV light on all their products to prove its authenticity.

This is not the first time where in Fake Britain examines and check on counterfeit cycling equipments. They have also highlighted the issue of fake copies of GIRO helmets that doesn’t conforms to European Safety examinations.

Of course, our advise will be to buy on your reputable local bike shop or through your trusted online dealer, ensuring the quality of products that you are buying and make sure that there is a warranty options just in case the worst happens.