Government looking at ways to encourage people to be less reliant on cars

According to experts, alternative forms of transportation such as cycling will play a major part in making Singapore a “car-lite” nation.


A Cycling-friendly Nation

Similar to the recently introduced cycling paths in Ang Mo Kio, plans to make a dedicated cycling network for each town are well underway, and is expected to be completed by 2030. Furthermore, new rules governing bicycle usage and other personal mobility devices will be implemented at the end of the year. These rules will allow such forms of transportation in parks and footpaths, with designated speed limits.


Working on other alternatives

Aside from promoting cycling, the government also has several projects meant to provide more options for commuters such as public transport and infrastructure designed to make it more hassle free to travel from one place to another.

There are currently plans to double the rail network by 2030 and make public transport a more attractive option over cars. Infrastructure are also being built to make it easier for people to travel from their homes to the nearest bus stop or train station.

According to transport experts, there will always be people who want to buy their own car, but the government efforts  are more about giving people the chance to make their own choices.

“The purpose of a car-lite society is not removing the car entirely from our life. It’s more that we use existing assets more wisely,” said transportation expert Dr. Park Byung Joon.