LTA impounded e-scooter of user who rode along Mandai Road

CHARLES LEE | 5th Oct 2016 | NEWS

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) revealed in a press statement on Wednesday (5 October) that more than 700 cyclists and Personal Mobility Device (PMD) users were caught by its Active Mobility Enforcement team for practicing unsafe riding.

Since May this year, the LTA has carried out more than 400 enforcement operations. However, the enforcement officers only issued advisories to those riders. As part of their roles, these officers also distribute brochures to promulgate the importance of safe riding.

Until the new law is passed before the end of the year, the Active Mobility Enforcement team does not have the powers to issue fines. The new legislation will also allow the use of bicycles and PMDs on footpath, as part of the government’s move to encourage people to use them for short trips.

In a continued bid to drive the message on safe riding, the LTA carried out an enforcement operation with the Traffic Police in Taman Jurong on Wednesday’s morning. During the operation, the authorities conducted checks on electric bicycles to ascertain if they had been illegally modified. Fines were issued against the users of these bikes.

Apart from issuing summonses, the officers gave away brochures to cyclists and PMD users to highlight the issue on safety.

The operation, which came as a timely affair after the recent spate of incidents involving PMDs, was apparently well-received by the residents. Taman Jurong resident Latif Nikmat, 41, told The Straits Times that e-scooters or e-bikes were often spotted speeding along the pavements. He added: “It’s better that we have more of these enforcements, the pavement is very narrow and I see a lot of people speeding.”

Last month, a four-year-old child was sent to the KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital after an accident that involved an e-scooter. The incident took place near Marina Bay Sands.

In the same month, an e-scooter had apparently knocked down a 53-year-old woman. The victim was reported to have suffered serious injuries. A 17-year-old rider had been arrested by the police.