5 Reasons why Singapore is not a cycling nation yet -Agree????


Singapore – National Development Minister Khaw Boon Wan said that cycling should not be just a recreational pursuit, but must also be considered as a viable transport option for short trip around Singapore. Though he noted that the cycling was just 1 to 2 percent of transport mode.

What is getting in the way of Singapore becoming a city of two-wheel commuters?

A Singapore-based website found five reasons:

1. Lack of on road bicycle lanes.

Calls from cycling enthusiast have been made to the Government for cycling lanes. They have mentioned the cycling lanes in London, Amsterdam, Taipei as an example for local authorities to consider.
In march 2012, during a Parliamentary debate Dr Janil Puthucheary, an MP for Pasir-Ris Punggol GRC asked the Transport Ministry to reconsider examining the idea of bicycle and also asked if a line could be painted on the left most lane as an alternative for bicycle lanes. This line would serve as guide to passing motorist on the 1.5mc clearance they will give to cyclists.
In response to, Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew, said that this demarcating on road cycling lanes, may give both cyclists and motorists a “false sense of security” and can lead to more accidents. With this, the Government had announced that they will focus on building over 700km island-wide cycling path network that will be completed by 2030.

2. Space constraints

Singapore known as a small city is has been one of topic in arguments against bicycle lanes, which contracts by the cycling enthusiasts that they will contribute towards making the bicycle as an alternative mode of public transportation.
A case has been also made by Dr. Puthucheary in a Parliamentary debate stating that ” How London and Manhattan, two of the most condensed city in the world can effectively implement bicycle lanes to good and we cannot”

3. Motorists attitude towards cyclists.

Considering the bicycle have been made, there remains the problem of attitude.
Some cyclists say motorists are not very accomodating to cyclists on the road.
Safe Cycling Task Force President Steven Lim has said that the hardware is insufficient, ” The software, like being gracious has to be in place too. We have to bring in the whole package”.

4. The general public’s perception about the weather.

One report said that the local weather as being too hot and humid is not for cycling.
Dr Puthucheary has also spoken against this. “This (assumption) is clearly wrong. Look at the many “uncles” in their long pants and t-shirts that can be seen cycling with ease in Kallang, Geylang, Redhill and other areas. Look at the foreign workers who do not require high-tech lycra shorts nor expensive cycle shoes, and yet manage to commute very effectively, rarely even breaking into a sweat. Look at the number of cyclists in cities around South East Asia, cities that share our weather conditions. Look at the cyclists on our roads despite the assertion that it is not a viable mode of personal transport. It’s all a matter of expectation and conditioning.”

5. Bicycle parking facility.

There are insufficient spots for the cyclists to park their bicycles.

Then there are those who ride to work, who lament the bicycle racks and parking at the MRT stations nearest to their offices are often packed to the brim.

Some owners of office building have been planning and get to the act of incorporating sports facilities such as bicycle racks for staff, and shower stalls.

The Government also said that more bicycle racks will be made and built at the MRT Stations, HDB Blocks, amenities, schools and other places where it is needed, as part of the Land Transport Materplan 2013.