Many of you would be familiar with Wheeler’s Yard, the little (okay not so little) corner off the PCN in Balestier that is a bike shop, café, chillax place and more. Already well-known for the great food and even greater ambience, Wheeler’s Yard has earned the affection of cyclists and non-cyclists for being the place to be when you want to step away from the bustling world.

Its rustic charm is created by the use of a large barnyard looking warehouse within which sits a full bike shop and café. The front of Wheeler’s Yard faces the PCN and large storm canal that it runs along, giving it a certain park-like feel that takes your mind out of the central business district. Inside you’ll find old school décor items such as old steel bike frames and barber chairs from ages past, some of which are still perfectly functional and can let you relive those memories of yesteryear.

Now, Wheeler’s Yard has gone one step further and brought in a spanking brand new Airstream Bambi Sport Trailer. It’s a 16′ long caravan that’s fully functional, equipped with bathroom, kitchen, dining, bedding and even entertainment. In fact, it’s so new we’ve capture a glimpse of the unwrapped interior still covered in protective plastic!

Sitting right outside the front door of Wheeler’s Yard, it serves as a decorative piece for now that adds to the countryside atmosphere that’s already well established. Going forward however, Wheeler’s Yard says that it’s open to ideas about how to use the caravan for other purposes. Planning a photo shoot? Need to make a short film? Let your creative juices flow and if you think of something exciting that involves one thing or another at Wheeler’s Yard, why not give them call or head down to see what they can offer you with the latest addition to their façade?

Wheeler’s Yard is located at:
28 Lorong Ampas
Singapore 328781
Tel: +6597261183