Speedos, GPS, iPhones

A relatively new company to the cycling scene, O-synce was founded in June 2009 and their specialty is making sport computers. From cyclometers to tri-watches and GPS devices, O-synce brings German quality to the market.

On the forefront of its innovations is the wired remote control that comes with anything with “High” in its name. The Macro High Free and Macro High X, aimed at the mountain biker, have this functionality in view of the great inconvenience having to take your hands off the handlebars to reach for the speedometer’s controls when riding over difficult ground. The remote control allows a biker to place the controls of the speedometer near the grips, and thus allows a cyclist to use his thumbs to control the buttons.

With the O-synce speedometers, you can sync it to your PC via the PC-Link, whereby you can see the data recorded by the speedometer over a graphical layout that displays measurements like heart rate, altitude, speed, etc through the traininglab software. Furthermore, exclusive to O-synce is the trainingsplan.com webware that helps you build a training plan. Using the data which you have inputted from the speedometer, your training data is then recorded and put through an algorithm that calculates what your next training should be like.

Then, there’s also the Navi2Move. The Navi2Move is basically a speedometer that is truly wireless. Having a GPS in the speedometer allows it to track your location and speed. Coupled with an electromagnetic compass, this allows you to program a route based on Google Maps, and the arrow on the screen will point in the direction to which you should go. It allows you to save a location based on longitude and latitude, so that you can find your way to an interesting location again. It is backlit, has a micro USB port for charging and PC connectivity into the NaviControlCentre and lasts 8-9 hours on a full charge. Clearly, one disadvantage is that its speedometer functions are contingent on your quality of GPS connectivity, but it has been proven to work well even in a densely shrouded forest.

A little digging allowed us to be hinted on a very interesting product that is in the O-synce works – the icyclopower pedals are a clipless pedals that have an integrated power meter, and because it’s merely pedals, you can mount it easily using standard tools. You’ll still need the at least the Macro X to measure the data acquired from the pedals.

Other innovations in the works include the iPhone mount with an ANT+ receiver integrated. O-synce is planning to create an app that will use the iPhone to function as a speedometer and sync with any ANT+ compatible add-ons. Also, O-synce has also been developing a cap aimed at triathletes that has a heads-up display, and syncs with the Mix series of wristwatches. This allows a triathlete to have their eyes forward while having recorded information readily available at the top left corner.