Left to Right: OCBC team riders Low Ji Wen, Ryan Chan, Thomas Rabou & Loh Sea Keong

In our earlier article on choosing the appropriate eye protection for cycling, we listed some aspects to pay attention to, which includes eyewear style as well as the protection and fit. Appropriate eye protection is not only essential for the weekend warrior cyclist- it is far more crucial for professionals who are racing at the competitive level and in a myriad of racing and wind conditions.

In this tech feature, we get a glimpse (pun intended) of some of the equipment used by our very own home grown professional riders-the OCBC Singapore Pro Cycling Team. The spotlight will be cast specifically on the team’s eyewear and head gear which the team uses, which have been kindly sponsored by Italian-based company Rudy Project.

Safety is paramount for the OCBC Team riders, especially when crashes occur frequently during races or even during training rides. For this reason, riders never leave home without their helmets-in this case, the OCBC Singapore Pro Cycling Team uses the Rudy Project Windmax for helmet for road races and training rides. The Windmax’s innovative technological feature includes the FybraTek Geometry, an ultralight fiber polymer which provides structural reinforcement for the entire helmet, binding the polycarbonate body to the in-moulded helmet body. This structure ensures total protection yet keeps the weight of the helmet low.

Above: An exploded view of how of the FybraTek Geometry reinforcement fabric works on the Windmax helmet

For time trial racing events, it is all about minimizing wind drag and maximizing aerodynamics for any kind of advantage against the clock. Apart from aero skinsuits and overshoes for aerodynamic gains, another important equipment in the bag for competitive cyclists is the time trial helmet. For time trial racing events, the OCBC team uses the Rudy Project Wingspan helmet.


The Rudy Project Wingspan helmet(above) has been aerodynamically engineered by John Cobb and tested in the A2 Wind Tunnel in the United States. Cobb is a pioneer in the area of cycling aerodynamics and had worked with 3-time Tour de France winner Greg LeMond on his bike positioning and aerodynamics.

One of the newest and latest additions to the line of Rudy Project sports sunglasses is the Stratofly, OCBC Team’s choice of eyewear both on and off the bike. The Stratofly comes with no slip, soft rubber temple tips and an adjustable Ergo IV nosepiece, providing a perfect fit to facilitate air turn-over.

OCBC Team rider, Thomas Rabou in action at the recent OCBC Cycle Malaysia Criterium race, with the Rudy Project Windmax helmet and Stratofly shades with Multilaser lens

Depending on different racing and light conditions, the OCBC Team riders have a choice of different lens to suit their needs. For riders who want a ‘do-it-all’ workhorse pair of lens, the Photoclear is very practical and versatile for use under most weather conditions. For scorching races in the afternoon hot sun, the Multilaser lens (pictured above) will provide maximum protection from the glaring rays so that the riders can concentrate on delivering their best performance under the most gruelling conditions.
One of the team riders pushing a hard effort under the hot sun at their training camp in Perth in January this year, well protected by the Windmax helmet and Stratofly shades

The helmets and shades which are used by the OCBC Team come in the bright Yellow Fluo colour, not only for high visibility and safety but also to match their black and yellow Wilier Zero 7 bikes and team kit by Champion System.

Geared up with the best equipment for training and racing, the boys of the OCBC Singapore Pro Cycling Team are not only well protected with Rudy Project shades and helmets, they also look good while ripping it up at cycling races and events!