Togoparts recently had the privilege to have a chat with Taiwanese cyclist, Chu Fan Hsin aka Fancy Chu, team captain of the Ridea Cycling Team. Fancy emerged as the winner of the UCI Ipoh KOM (King of the Mountains) race which happened last Saturday. We ask him a few questions on his first racing experience in Malaysia, his plans for 2013 as well as his impressions of Singapore.

Note: The interview was done in Mandarin and translated to English.

Q: How was your first racing experience in Malaysia, Ipoh? Could you describe how the race developed?

Fancy: I relied on my previous race experience and stayed in the peloton in the initial flatter parts of the race. At about 40km to go, when the climbs began, I decided to ‘test waters’ and started an attack. Surprisingly, no one gave chase and I started to extend my lead in the race.

At about 7km to go, the race motorbikes notified me that there were 2 guys who were 45 seconds behind me. Feeling the pressure, I went full gas on one of the last descents as I wanted to either maintain or extend my existing lead over them. Fortunately, the 2 guys behind me refused to cooperate and I managed to cross the finish line in 1stplace.

Q: Is this your time winning at an overseas race event?

Fancy: Yes, it is! I think I had the form and a bit of luck on my side.

Q: I understand that you had some racing experience in Europe. Could you tell us more about it? How different does it compare to racing in Asia?

Fancy: One of our long time trade partners which is based in Europe made arrangements for me to take part in a 2-day race in Italy earlier this year. I feel that the rhythm of racing in Europe in very different as European riders always perform at a high level during races. In addition, European riders are constantly on the attack or trying to make a breakaway from the peloton. Comparatively, when racing in Asia, riders are more conservative and prefer to stay in the peloton to conserve energy. Personally, I love the aggressive racing styles of Japanese rider, Yukiya Arashiro as well as French rider Thomas Voeckler.

Q: Now that 2012 is coming to an end, what are some of your goals for 2013?

Fancy: I definitely want to take part in more cycling races and events in Southeast Asia to pick up more experience. I hope to take part in next year’s OCBC Cycle Singapore’s professional race event next year. Let’s hope something works out for me to be able to do that. Another important goal for me is the Taiwan National Games which happens once in two years and is happening in 2013. There are many racing categories and disciplines for cycling for the National Games so I am focusing on the road race event.

Q: Last but not least, since this is your first time in Singapore, what are your impressions of this country? What is your favourite food here and which places have you visited?

Fancy: It feels very hectic like Taiwan except that Singapore is nicer than Taiwan. In fact, I feel a bit awed by the beauty and arrangement of buildings in Singapore. In Taiwan, the buildings are so plain and boring (with the sole exception of the Taiwan 101). My favourite food in Singapore is the Hainanese chicken rice. I also tried ‘Bak Kut Teh’ (Chinese pork ribs soup) which is not easy to find in Taiwan. I visited the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum which I found really modern and impressive. I feel that packaging and outlook-wise, Singapore is doing very well as a country.

To conclude, Fancy hopes that he gets more opportunities to race or have the ‘stage to perform’ in races and events as he feels that while training hard is necessary, the real test is performing in cycling races and competitions.

We thank Fancy for his time and Alfred from Swiss Valley for arranging this interview.

All the best for your racing career, Fancy!