STEVENS Bikes which has been producing bicycles since 1991 is a well known bicycle brand in their native Germany. This is a pretty big deal considering the fact that Germany which is known worldwide for their high quality and innovative products also happens to be one of the biggest cycling nations in the world where bicycles are a regular feature in everyday life.

STEVENS offers a wide product range of bicycles including mountain bikes, road bikes, cyclo-cross, commuting bikes, and pedelecs.  STEVENS is currently well known internationally for their cyclo-cross bicycles which have made their way up to multiple world championships podiums. Having already established a name for itself in key markets such as Europe and North America, STEVENS which comes across as a somewhat understated brand, certainly have its sights now set on Asia.

Jenny and Julian Von Hacht

In March this year, Togoparts had the chance to catch up with the brother and sister duo, Jenny von Hacht and Julian von Hacht (who are in charge of the company’s international sales) during their stopover in Singapore prior to the Taipei International Cycling Show 2013.

How did STEVENS come about?  

During the mid-1970s, the brothers Wolfgang and Werner von Hacht, who were former cyclists, opened up an independent bicycle store in Hamburg. Due to the positive reception, the store eventually grew into a wholesale business. Selling brands such as Merlin, Basso and Cinelli etc. In 1990 the brand STEVENS was founded.

Why the name STEVENS?

There was no particular reason for the name STEVENS other than the fact that it sounded American.  During that time, mountain bikes were popular in America and this was slowly spreading into Europe. STEVENS started off with three mountain bike and three trekking bike models with different SHIMANO components.

Full-suspension ladies-specific Stevens bicycle for trial on Demo Day

Tell us more about the product offerings from STEVENS?

The STEVENS product range has currently 125 different models including custom-build road bikes. In Germany, STEVENS is one of the leading brands for trekking bicycles (urban bikes) which are known for being lightweight, modern and high in quality. The trekking bikes all come with dynamo lights as it is mandatory by law to have bikes fitted with bicycle lights in Germany. All STEVENS products go through EN testing.

STEVENS is known for having high quality standards and STEVENS also sponsors professional cyclists. In exchange STEVENS gets feedback from the riders and then tries to improve their bicycles. More than 90% of our bikes are fitted with Shimano components. For road bikes, the basic componentry level starts from Shimano Tiagra and for mountain bikes, the basic componentry level starts from Shimano Acera and up.

At the Taipei International Cycle Show 2013. (photo credit: Stevens)

What are your upcoming business plans?

The Asian-market will be the new market for STEVENS. In 2012 STEVENS made its debut at the Taipei International Cycle Show.

At the moment, STEVENS has 50 employees and is still run independently by the two brothers Wolfgang and Werner von Hacht. STEVENS Bikes increased the turnover constantly and is one of the dominant players in Germany since 5 years. Now is the time to expand the sales areas and start to market the bikes in Asia and other markets as well.

Last but not least, tell us about what keeps STEVENS going as a bicycle company?

STEVENS is a business that is driven by passion and believes in producing high quality bicycles at reasonable prices which the STEVENS employees would like to ride themselves. 80% of all bicycles are assembled in Germany.  Due to the fact that bicycles are products that are technical in nature, STEVENS does not believe in selling bicycles online. STEVENS wants a face to face selling experience, so the STEVENS dealer can provide quality services. STEVENS seeks long term partnerships with their dealers. Most of their clients have been there since the beginning.