Feature Article – Biologic, Developing Innovative Products

Biologic is essentially the accessories arm to the Tern brand. It concentrates in ergonomically designed cycling accessories so as to increase rider’s enjoyment while reducing fatigue. Eric took time to show us some of the interesting products they have for 2014. What we really like is how Biologic has designed various products around Smartphone application and in providing the rider with practical information and functionalities that they could use.


This case is designed for iPhone 5, making the phone suitable for outdoor use. The case is constructed from precision-machined aerospace-grade aluminum block and will protect the phone from the usual knocks and drops. The all-round rubber seal will keep water out and waterproof the phone for up to 2 meters but still allow full access to cameras, flash, buttons and ports. For charging, simply open the ledge at the bottom and plug in your charging cable. Be warned though, some of the after-market cables might not be compatible. The package also came with an add-on accessory plug, which allow you to hook on your earphones while keeping the case watertight.

The case also comes with its own screen protector to ensure that all holes on the surface of the phone are protected. The screen protector is relatively thick and I believe it will offer some decent protection to the screen. I have been very pleased with the case in terms of its protection and usability. However, user needs to accept the bulkiness of the case and its weight. Given that it is secured via seven screws, it is not a case you can switch in and out off in a jiffy. Conversely, switching in and out often could cause premature wear on the seals and compromise the waterproofing of the case.

AnchorPoint Bar Mount

The AnchorPoint bar mount is designed to work with the Hardcase above to provide secure mounting of the phone on any handlebar or stem. Two opposing claws closed in to grab the HardCase firmly in place. The spring-loaded positive stop screw locks the claws in place and it is almost impossible to loosen accidentally. Additional mount clamp is provided to allow the attachment of any camera with standard tripod mounts.

Bluetooth Smart Speed/Cadence Sensor

Why buy a cycling speedometer when you have a Smartphone, which has so much more processing power? This is where the Smart speed and cadence sensor fits in. By attaching the sensor to your rear chainstay, it can detect your speed and cadence and remits this information via Bluetooth technology to your Smartphone. No ugly wires or dongles are needed. For your Smartphone to work with the sensor, all you need is to download the apps, BioLogic BikeBrain for iPhone, which is available free-of-charge.

ReeCharge Dynamo Kit


When you tap on the Smartphone to do this much work, the battery on the phone is not going to last long. To work around this, BioLogic also has the ReeCharge kit that allows you to charge your phone through a bicycle dynamo hub. It has a safety circuitry in power converter protects battery against power spikes. It can also be used with the ReeCharge power pack which can store the kinetic energy when it is not needed.


For more information about Biologic, please click on this link: http://www.thinkbiologic.com/

The main distributor for Biologic product is:

Luminari Pte Ltd
31 Toh Guan East Road
#06-02 LW Technocentre
Singapore 608608

Opening Hours: By Appointment. Mondays to Fridays (9am-5